Import hardware from China

Importing hardware from China can be the key strategy for your business to succeed. In fact, more and more companies are betting on it. Here are the steps to define your import of furniture or construction hardware from the Asian giant.

How to import from China? Steps to follow and things to consider

When importing goods from China there are several aspects to consider, such as the legal framework, suppliers and quality controls. This is the main thing to know if you want to get the best result in your imports.

1 The supplier’s choice

First of all, we must choose the supplier with which we are going to import hardware from China. The most successful thing is to know about the way he operates and the opinions of other customers. You should also find out how they solve potential problems or setbacks, for example, in case the goods are delayed.

On the other hand, it is recommended to ask the vendor for a product sample to know and analyze its characteristics before placing the complete order.

2 Choose the right Incoterms

Incoterms are a series of international trade standards governing all imports. Today there are 11 Incoterms in force. And, through them, the conditions of delivery of the goods are set as well as the rules to be met between the seller and the buyer.

3 Know what the main ports in China are

Knowing which the main ports in China are and the load capacity of the containers that are managed will be helpful in defining the hardware import strategy for your company.

4 Define the payment method

Letter of credit is a widely used payment method when it comes to importing hardware from China. Made through banks, it is regulated by international standards which ensures that there is no problem.

On the other hand, we must ask for the corresponding commercial invoice for the transaction made. This invoice must contain the buyer’s data, the Incoterm used, and the vendor’s details. The Packing List document details the load and where it is transported.

5 Arrival of goods

The goods arrive at the port of destination. At that time the customs agent can carry out all the corresponding procedures to check the nature as well as to ensure that everything is OK.

6 Quality controls

Quality controls ensure that products are of maximum efficiency. To do this, the sample must be inspected, a second check must be carried out at the start of production, a third check at the end of production, as well as fault monitoring throughout the process. The objective of all this is to ensure that the Chinese manufacturer meets the established requirements and that there is an excellent relationship between the quality of the raw material and the components used in the production of the hardware.

If you want to import hardware from China and succeed, have a team that knows every commercial ins and outs of China. IBMH is there just for that. To accompany you and guide you through the entire import process. To carry out the quality controls and to facilitate your management from the beginning until the end. If you are looking for safe and cost-effective imports for your company, do not hesitate to have our purchasing management service is China. Contact us today!