The Importance of the Philosopher Confucius in Chinese Culture

Knowing Chinese culture, at least part of it, can help you satisfy curiosity and better work out when doing business with suppliers or companies residing there. That is why, in today’s post, we speak about the importance of Confucius for this millennial country.

‘Confucius’, so the Jesuit missionaries called the philosopher K’ung Chung-ni born in Lu, a state located in Shandong Province, in 551 B.C. And so it has become an essential part of the philosophy of life of all who inhabit the country today.

Who was Confucius?

Confucius lived part of his childhood at a time marked by war and disorder. Later, he created his own school where he taught various lessons without distinction of social classes. He also shared values such as effort, perseverance, respect and courage. Its purpose was to create a more prosperous and kinder society.

When his father died when Confucius was still a child, he spent much of his life in poverty. He did not set aside his willingness to study.

His teachings reached more than 3,000 disciples, many of them coming from poor families. His later years were dedicated to editing old documents, with the aim of preserving them. The Book of Poetry, The Book of History, The Book of Mutations and The Registry of the Rite are some of the most outstanding books worked by Confucius.

Known for being an important thinker and educator, he is considered the founder of the Confucian school of Rujia thought.

The virtues that are part of the philosopher’s legacy

The Analectas, phrases that summarize their teachings, are one of the legacies that have come to this day. From them we can extract the following virtues:

  • Justice. Confucius speaks of justice, honesty, and righteousness of the soul.
  • Humanity. Kindness to the people who are part of our environment.
  • Proper conduct. It is based on the practice of good manners as well as respect for all equally.
  • Confidence. It represents the sincerity, fidelity, and truthfulness we must have with ourselves and with the rest of people.
  • Wisdom. Thanks to this virtue we will know how to differentiate between good and evil from the actions we carry out.
  • Love and respect. Towards oneself, the environment, parents and family that bring us into the world, protect us and help us achieve spiritual harmony.


Confucius’s philosophy in Chinese culture, why is it so important?

The philosopher’s commitment, teachings, and values remain very present in Chinese culture. Why?

  1. This is one of the most important ideological currents in China. In the Han dynasty (206 B.C and 220 A.C.) his thinking became an ethical system of behavior and governance.
  2. His teachings have had a great influence on the history of this country. So much so that it has crossed borders and been developed for later generations.
  3. Emphasizes their commitment to the order and harmonious development of education that everyone must access regardless of the social class from which they come. One of his goals was for his disciples to reflect on themselves, with their own judgment and with a critical attitude in order to achieve an understanding of existence.

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