You can now import the Flora LED Light with motion sensor for cabinets with IBMH

Did you know that illumination isn’t the only function of a light? It’s also a key decorative element that can make a cabinet or room look better than ever. At IBMH, we know this, and that’s why we want to introduce you to one of our latest star products. It’s the Flora LED light with motion sensor for cabinets. Discover all the benefits it can offer your hardware company when you add this high-quality product to your catalogue today.

Why add the Flora LED Light with motion sensor to your catalogue with IBMH?

Why is the Flora LED light with motion sensor one of our featured products? Well, because it’s a top-quality product, it’s the latest trend in home lighting, and it fuses perfectly with the home automation of any house. Not to mention the fact that it has the best industrial design, of course. The Flora LED light with motion sensor is compact, bright and has multiple uses, which will make any closet, bedroom or other room look simply marvelous.

Powered by innovative double sensor technology, Flora works only when it detects human movement in a dark environment.

What is the Flora LED light with motion sensor like?

Luz LED Flora con sensor de movimiento para muebles

Apart from everything above, we must also tell you that…

  • Its compact size, just eleven inches long (27.94 cm), makes it perfect for small spaces like drawers, cupboards and shelves.
  • The light from the ELED panel is soft and has absolutely no glare. At the same time, it maintains a high level of brightness and offers good coverage for the entire cabinet or room.
  • Flora is the LED light with motion sensor for cabinets, small in size but extremely useful if you want to have the best lighting in the different types of furniture for which it is designed.


Main features of the Flora LED light

For many manufacturers, an LED light needs to meet a series of requirements in order to be considered of excellent quality. It just so happens that the Flora LED light has these same features, which are detailed below:

  • It has a glare proof ELED light panel with a slim bezel profile.
  • It’s designed with a premium anodized aluminum finish.
  • It has a dual sensor for movement and darkness.
  • The integrated rechargeable battery is 900 mAh with cable included.
  • Installation with 3M VHB tape with no residue.


And as for technical specs…

  • ELED CRI( Ra ) > 80.
  • Dual motion and light sensor LED SMD 4014 (52 PCS).
  • Touch control to turn on, off, and adjust brightness.
  • Lithium polymer battery (900 mAh).
  • Aluminum and polycarbonate material.
  • Size: 300.4 x 39.6 x 10.1 mm (L x W x H). Color: silver. Power: 1 W.
  • CCT 3500K 5000K.
  • CRI >80.


Advantages of importing the Flora LED light from China with IBMH

The poor lighting that is often found in cabinets in many homes has a simple solution with Flora illumination systems, so we can say that that is one of its main advantages, to which we can add the following:

  1. Rooms and closets will have the necessary light sources plus an unbeatable design.
  2. The light is safe and nonpolluting, made to reduce atmospheric CO2 emissions.
  3. This system allows you to save energy, has very easy installation, takes up very little space and doesn’t give off any heat.
  4. The Flora LED light has a motion sensor, which means the battery will last much longer.
  5. It is a very durable light that will handle many on-off cycles.


If you want to add the Flora LED light with motion sensor to your catalogue, too, get in touch with us. We’ll explain in detail all the ways your business can benefit from IBMH being your Strategic Purchase Management Office for hardware in China.