Venus LED light with motion sensor, one of IBMH's featured products

Today at IBMH, we’d like to talk to you about one of our star products, the Venus LED Light with motion sensor and unbeatable quality. Lighting, apart from its functionality, is also a decorative element, and perhaps one of the most important. So much so that lighting will ultimately affect everything else in the room. Learn more about how your hardware company can benefit from adding the high-quality Venus LED Light to your catalogue.

Why import the Venus LED Light with motion sensor from China with IBMH?

Luz LED Venus

What makes the Venus LED Light with motion sensor so special? Well, first off, it uses the latest ELED technology. This means that it can bring the color of any closet, room or cabinet back to life. The high-CRI panel light reflects the true colors in materials. There is no need for manual configuration thanks to the two cutting-edge sensors and the excellent coordination between the motion sensor and the light. Home automation has never been so accessible.

It has a modern design and an extremely thin profile. The Venus LED Light is perfect for closets, wardrobes, hallways or bedrooms. The removable battery module and its many installation options also make it incredibly durable, while freeing you from the hassle of cords and wires.

Main features of the Venus LED Light

Luz LED características

For many companies and manufacturers, an LED light must have certain features in order to be considered high-quality. The Venus LED light has these same features, because IBMH demands them from our suppliers. These features include:

  • An ELED light panel, without glare, beveled and with a slim profile.
  • Made from anodized aluminum with a premium finish.
  • Has a dual motion sensor for day and night.
  • This LED light is compatible with a large rechargeable 1500 mAh battery with durable wiring.
  • Plus, it has a removable battery module and a multitude of installation options.
  • It is available in silver, black or brown.


Advantages of the Venus LED Light with motion sensor

Luz LED VentajasLuz LED Venus

The poor lighting that is usually found in closets and hallways has a practical and affordable solution with integrated LED lights. This is one of its main advantages, but there are others, too.

  • This system is energy saving, is easy to install, takes up very little space and does not give off heat.
  • The Venus LED Light makes it easier to see inside any room. In the case of closets, this improves access to clothes.
  • It has a motion sensor, which extends the life of the battery.
  • They are very resistant lights.  They will withstand many on-off cycles without losing performance.
  • This type of light is safe and more eco-friendly as it is designed to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • With this lighting, you will all have the light you need for rooms or closets. But also, a modern and unique design element.

No matter where or when, the most discerning customers looking to add a special touch to their home décor will never be without light in any room.

If you want to add the Venus LED Light to your catalogue, too, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’ll take care of the Strategic Purchase Management of hardware in China for your business with the most professional service possible and success guaranteed.