LED technology is the biggest advance in the field of lighting since the light was invented. At IBMH we are committed to LED lighting, because it has many advantages: it lasts until 25 years, can be used in any type of design lamps and uses a lot less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. LED technology is a sustainable, practical and very functional option.

At IBMH we manage purchases of LED in China. I.e. we select optimal LED products and find the best prices on a wide variety of LED lighting with high-performance products. All these lighting systems cover perfectly the needs of today both in the residential, commercial, business and even industrial sector.


All the LED lighting that IBMH manages in China is of great quality, they have a truly innovative design, advanced technology and have CE and RoHS certifications among others. With LED lighting you can always get the light you want, you will also get results that exceed your expectations of lighting in an intelligent manner and also saving money.

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LED lights (Light-Emitting Diode) can vary the properties of the light that is generated and can generate nearly the entire spectrum of colour. Unlike normal halogen lamps and light bulbs, LED lights generate very little heat, consume much less energy and have longer life.

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The LED lights imported into China have an extremely long life time of up to 25 years, or more than 40,000 to 50,000 hours. They generate a minimum of heat due to the low energy consumption. LED lights consume an astonishing 90 per cent less energy than conventional bulbs; they are modern, bright and have a saturated colour of light. They can generate a full brightness as soon as they are fired.

The LED lights are available in different colours, and can be designed as lights that change of colour. LED technology makes possible revolutionary designs of inspiring purity and beauty. IBMH puts at your disposal the most extensive range of LED products.

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Nowadays LED offers an incredible energy efficiency, and all that without sacrificing quality of light or power. In short, the LEDs present many advantages over incandescent and fluorescent light sources, such as: a longer life, the low energy consumption, significantly smaller size, appropriate resistance to vibrations and a reduced heat emission.