IBMH presents its new smart locks for access doors

This time we introduce you two new models of smart locks for access doors. Discover its features, advantages and functionalities. This hardware imported from China for doors will become the star product of your catalog!

Smart locks, how is the new electronic smart lock that you can import with IBMH?

cerradura electrónica

Our already wide range of wholesale door hardware, door components and wooden door deadbolts continues to grow. There are two models that are incorporated into the door locks and card locks making the day to day of end customers much simpler and more decisive.

Access control, which is so necessary in specific spaces such as, for example, the headquarters of a company, an apartment building or in locks for hotels has sometimes become a complex issue. The necessary presence of full-time surveillance to ensure greater security means a considerable increase in costs. What if the solution was in a smart door lock?

Electronic smart lock with 6 opening methods

Cerradura digital

They have a simple, efficient and very secure system that guarantees that the door will open only if the corresponding code is activated. It guarantees more than 200,000 life cycles and always maintains adequate access control for several people. There are 6 methods of opening these smart locks.

1 Opening by numeric code or password.

2 Opening by fingerprint of the authorized person.

3 Opening by card sensor.

4 Opening with use of the web application ‘Tuya’.

5 Opening with use of the mini program ‘WeChat’.

6 Manual opening with key.

Some of the many advantages of smart locks for wooden doors

We detail the main advantages of these modern smart locks:

  • With the locksmith for wooden doors we guarantee that only authorized persons access the interior of the building.
  • Its design, quality and efficiency when locking the door, make this hardware the perfect anti-theft system.
  • It allows the company to save costs since the presence of a watchman will not be necessary.
  • Allows you to control the entrances and exits of employees.
  • Its installation is simple. Its design is innovative, so much so that it will be as one more decorative element.


Door hardware: the technical aspects of the smart door lock

cerradura inteligente para puerta de acceso de IBMH

In the hardware for construction, as well as in the architectural hardware we have to talk about the technical characteristics of the parts of doors, in particular these high-end locks.

  • Smart locks use 4 type AA batteries for a 6V power supply.
  • Its low power consumption ensures many opening cycles before the low voltage alarm is turned on.
  • Once the ‘low battery’ alarm is activated, it will continue with the 4.8 +/- 0.2V power supply. In other words, there will be enough time to charge the battery without the risk of the lock locking.
  • It has WIFI and memory card.
  • Available in various finishes, as well as in rectangular or cylindrical shape, perfect to suit the design of today’s access doors.


It has the support and professional management of IBMH for all your hardware imports from China. You can incorporate into your catalog items as innovative as these smart locks that guarantee you an efficient operation free of failures. Contact us today and we’ll tell you everything we can do for your business!