Featured product: Smart lock with fingerprint sensor

At IBMH, we want to introduce our new star product. It’s a smart lock with fingerprint sensor suitable for mortise locks of different sizes. Learn about all the benefits of adding this product to your catalogue through IBMH’s professional service.

How does the smart lock with fingerprint sensor work?

As the name suggests, the smart lock with fingerprint sensor consists of a lock that works with an incorporated digital system which opens via fingerprint. It’s ideal for all types of doors, whether commercial offices, apartment buildings or homes and bedrooms. Its main goal is to make the user’s life easier and more convenient. But, thanks to its modern design, it also serves as a decorative element.

These locks are created using advanced electronic and biometric technology, and the result is a smart lock with fingerprint recognition capabilities.

Advantages of the smart lock with fingerprint sensor

More and more customers are opting for smart locks in their homes or workplace, especially if it’s a product like the one we are offering here. Why? Because of all the advantages they provide:

  1. Installing a mortise or embedded lock is very simple. Thanks to its innovative design, it can be incorporated as just another decorative element in the home or office.
  2. It is more convenient for the user because they no longer need to carry keys with them all the time. It is a more convenient alternative to conventional locks.
  3. They come with a security alarm that is activated if they detect and incorrect password or fingerprint several times.
  4. The fingerprint system in this type of smart lock is very useful in places like businesses or office complexes.
  5. They allow you to maintain a registry of the entry and exit times, which is very helpful for any company which needs to record this information.


Main features of the smart lock with fingerprint sensor

As we’ve already mentioned, its first and most important feature is its simple installation and ease of use. But there are many others as well:

  • There are three ways to open it: with a password, with a mechanical key or with the semiconductor fingerprint sensor.
  • Supports USB emergency power supply.
  •  Single opening or combination unlocking and a variety of functions suitable for different situations, such as automatic locking or normal opening.
  •  Voice instructions available in English.
  • High-security cylinder, seven holes, copper marbles and complex construction lock slot.


Technical specifications:

Featured product: Smart lock with fingerprint sensor

The smart lock with fingerprint sensor is created with high-quality zinc alloy materials. It also has the following technical specifications:

  • Power source 4 x AA batteries, low energy consumption.
  • Large capacity: can store up to 100 fingerprint users and 100 passwords.
  • Fingerprint recognition speed ≤0.5 s.
  • Fingerprint recognition capacity ≤100 s.
  • Adaptable to different size mortise locks, such as 5572, 3585, 4085, 6085, 58, 50: 58 with mute lock body, 3585 with aluminum door lock mortise, 5050 lock body or 5572 European standard lock body.
  • Static current 4V-6V.
  • Fingerprint pixels 160 x 160.
  • Work voltage ≤250 ma.
  • Rejection rate <1%. Error rate <0.001%.
  • Capacity ≤75 ua. Fingerprint user capacity 250.
  • Alarm voltage 4.5 V.


The innovation of smart locks with fingerprint sensors has arrived. And now, you can import this product from China with IBMH and add it to your furniture and construction hardware catalogue. Don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’ll take care of your Strategic Purchase Management of hardware in China with success guaranteed.