Business coaching: is it what your hardware business needs?

The term business coaching has been on everyone’s mind for quite a while now. That’s why we at IBMH want to analyze what this concept means in detail and what advantages and disadvantages it could have when applied to a hardware business. Is it something your business really needs? Let’s find out!

Where does the term come from?

As you know, the word “coach” is a verb that means “to train”. This, then, is the objective of coaching: training a person or team within a company to reach a series of previously established goals or to develop a series of specific skills.

And if we define business coaching…

If we add the word “business” to the word “coach”, we have a concept that seeks to improve the structure of large, but also small, companies. The process consists of setting goals according to the needs of the company and trying to reach them by following the guidance that the coach will give to the members of the team. This method is also aimed at development of efficient internal communication in the organization, not to mention improved team performance, productivity and relationships between workers and managers.

The role of a coach in a hardware business

Two parties are involved in the process of business coaching. On the one hand, there is the coach, the one who lays out the steps to follow, and on the other, there are the team members of the company, whether workers or managers. The coach will give instructions to help meet their goals in the best way possible. Once the process is finished, the company must continue in the same vein in order to ensure its correct operation.

In turn, the coach (also called a mentor) has the mission of achieving self-evaluation for each employee who participates in the business coaching. In this way, they can discover their abilities and areas in need of improvement.

The main advantages of business coaching

Thanks to business coaching, workers and managers will know what their best qualities are, plus:

  • You will have better communication between members of the company or team, as well as a stronger relationship that prioritizes camaraderie.
  • Productivity will increase as a result of knowing the strengths and areas of improvement for each employee or manager.
  • It will improve the work environment in the office. Employees will have a stronger sense of belonging to the company.
  • You will reduce stress and conflict situations.
  • Both workers and managers will come together to achieve common goals.
  • It will facilitate analysis of areas to improve within a company.
  • It will reveal the individual talents of every member of the company.
  • For managers, it is very helpful to enhance leadership skills.


Disadvantages of business coaching: things to keep in mind

We’ve seen that there are many advantages that come from business coaching. However, you must also pay attention to these points:

  • Workers may feel uncomfortable being analyzed by someone outside the company.
  • Every coach uses a slightly different method, so it can be difficult to know if it’s always the right one or suitable for the needs of your team.
  • It is complicated to measure the time invested and the results achieved.


What do you think? Do you think a business coaching strategy would be useful in your furniture and construction hardware business? Without a doubt, using the management tools that you have access to will be fundamental for the success of your company. Just like having a partner like IBMH to work for you in your Strategic Purchase Management in China. We can make improving the profitability of your hardware import business with success guaranteed into a reality. Contact us today!