Define business culture for success in the hardware industry

We know that each company has its own culture and philosophy. However, those values that are created as an organization takes form are not always well defined or shared by employees. To specify what the company is like and what its values are, you must first understand and analyze those values and give them the place they deserve. Do you know what business culture is and why it’s so important for the success of any company? Let’s take a look!

What is business culture and why is it so important for a company?

If you open up the dictionary, you’ll see that the culture of an organization is defined as a series of rules and values that characterize the behaviour, goes and actions of a company and all of its members. What is the business culture of your hardware company? Many times, it isn’t easy to answer this question off the top of your head. But the more clearly you understand it, the easier it will be for you to reach your objectives, because…

Business culture is a key element to differentiate any company

If you think about it, these values and this philosophy are the only element within a company that cannot be copied. The rest—products, services or strategies—might be comparable to those of the competition, but that isn’t the case with culture. We could say that it is the personal and nontransferable fingerprint of an organization, which makes it totally different from any other in its industry.

If we look back to the beginning, years ago, when IBMH was nothing more than an idea for a business, and we examine the concepts and beliefs that were proposed, we see the values that were put on the table: the structure and design that was beginning to take shape. In other words, the soul of our business, and we could start to talk about the culture of our company. They are the same values that we later shared with our team and with the public. And now, that emblem of our company is what makes our brand and image what they are today.


The three facets that define business culture

The culture of an organization is defined by three main essential aspects in order to function well in everyday operations:

  • Business culture helps to establish how work is done on each team.
  • It allows you to see how the company communicates internally.
  • It shows how the company interacts with clients, partners and providers.


And if we’re talking about business culture and employees…

We would have to say that it is a critical element for motivating your team. Beliefs and values, ideology and philosophy are concepts that must be transmitted to the entire team. The better a worker understands what the company represents, the greater their feeling of belonging will be. And, as a result, the more motived they will feel.

The culture of a company is, as we said, another way of motivating employees and ensuring they are happy, which translates to an increase in productivity and an excellent way to retain talent within the company.

In conclusion, we can say that business culture is what makes people aware of what a company is like. This, in turn, gives you a shared vision of the entire organization. At IBMH, our multicultural team knows that everyone here needs to be looking in the same direction in order to offer you the best service. It’s the only way to keep being the international leader in Purchase Management of construction and furniture hardware in China. If you are looking for the best partner to manage your hardware imports from China, feel free to contact us today!