Internal communication in hardware import companies


Do you think that internal communication in hardware import companies is a common practice? Well, you might be surprised to know that, unfortunately, internal communication hasn’t always been given much thought. Often, it is considered something secondary within a company’s communication and marketing plan.

However, at IBMH, we think this is a huge mistake. Business strategies, whether in the hardware industry or any other, should always start from the inside.That’s why today, we want to tell you exactly what internal communication entails, why it is useful and how to develop it to help you and your business grow and prosper.

What do we mean by internal communication in hardware import companies?

To keep it short and sweet, we could say that internal communication refers to the set of efforts and activities that are carried out with the goal of keeping the work team motivated.

Many think that this type of communication should only be applied in large companies, but they are mistaken. Both large and small organizations should put it into practice in order to obtain the major benefits it offers.

What are those benefits? What exactly is its purpose?

Build a strong corporate identity and obtain the best external reputation.

There’s nothing worse than a business with no identity. Employees need to feel that they are working for a good place, and that’s how you start to build the foundation for a good corporate image.

Establish a business strategy as a team. And to do that…

  • Involve your employees in the business strategy
  • Share all decisions that are made
  • Determine each person’s essential role

Learn to recognize and manage talent.

Every worker could have infinite potential. Skills, competencies, experiences, attitudes… but sometimes, not even they are aware of it! Using internal communication in hardware import companies helps to: recognize, fulfill and make the most of their potential.

Create a good work environment.

Communication amongst the various members of the team and transparency in processes and communications are essential factors that contribute to a good work environment.

Motivate employees.

What good is an employee who doesn’t feel truly appreciated and integrated within their company? Identifying with an organization’s values generates a feeling of pride and satisfaction as they are implemented each day. If, in addition, they receive recognition and reward from their supervisors, that motivation will increase a thousand times over. The result? Easy: a powerful increase in productivity and, in turn, in profits.

How to use internal communication in hardware import companies and improve the business’ results?

So, now you know how important it is to develop good internal communication to improve the results of your business. But where to begin?


  • Do I know my workers?
  • Do they know each other?
  • Why should I listen to them?

And now, with those answers in mind, begin to:

  • Analyze your current communication: its failures, its successes, possible improvements that could be made, etc.
  • Identify the barriers to communication with your employees. What is getting in the way of communication? Eliminate all of those barriers.
  • Set goals. Define measurable, realistic goals for your communication plan.
  • Inform your employees about the communication plan you are going to implement and why you are doing it.
  • Outline your target. Define the different profiles of workers who will receive the communications. Based on this, you will be able to personalize the messages and reach them much better.
  • Choose the best communication tools: email, phone, cloud, social media, face-to-face interviews… Pick the one that fits your plan. Don’t choose based on trends, prejudices or fear of judgement from others.
  • Plan your actions. Set a specific date for all of them.
  • Be coherent. Never transmit messages that are contradictory or unclear.
  • Promote team work. Allow freedom for them to express themselves.
  • Create settings that are conducive to communication.


Now, for a moment, let’s set aside internal communication in hardware import companies and take a look at some examples and real-life cases.


The transport company TNT promotes motivation in its workers through a periodical called “Gente”(“People”). In it, employees can find information on a variety of topics, from new challenges to public recognition for achievements.


In this company, employees are motivated through the organization of unique internal events. At these events, learning is promoted using the company’s products and services. For example, the company organized an event to celebrate the 20thanniversary of Magnum. There, workers were encouraged to dialogue and express their points of view. Always with an ice cream nearby, of course!


This company, on the other hand, uses a completely innovative tool: “NOS”, a tool made up of different participation modules. For example, we were particularly impressed with their “anger module”, where employees can voice their concerns anonymously.


Now what? Do you think internal communication in hardware import companies is a necessary tool? What about in your business? At IBMH, we have eleven departments and we can assure you that it is very gratifying for everyone, not to mention profitably in the long run, of course! Just like working with us in importing your hardware from China. Let’s talk? You won’t regret it! Contact us.