motivation of the team in your furniture hardware business

Deadlines, last minute problems, requirements of hardware suppliers and customers… During the day it is not easy to maintain the motivation of the team in your furniture hardware business, right? We know that with so much stress, it is easy for us to forget what is most valuable in our company: the workers. Taking care of them and motivating them must be one of the priorities of any company. It is definitely one of the keys to success in getting great benefits.


Why should you maintain the motivation of the team in your furniture hardware business?

  • Being motivated in their tasks, their performance and productivity improve. Therefore, they are more profitable for the company.
  • They are proactive and engage with business problems and solutions.
  • The atmosphere get better in the office and creates an environment of healthy competitiveness.
  • Absenteeism is reduced because workers enjoy their jobs and commit the company to a greater extent.
  • The image of the company get better because the workers speak better about it.

What techniques and strategies can be used to maintain the motivation of the team in your furniture hardware business?

To begin with, make sure every employee is comfortable and encouraged in his or her job and has the means to exploit all of his or her talent. From there, these are some of the fundamental strategies to motivate your workers.

  • Meet with your employees. Make sure your staff feels they are part of the project and their points of view are heard. Organize regular meetings in which you can take stock of what is achieved and the objectives expected. Invite your workers to help you take decisions. You will find that their opinions can be very useful.
  • Recognize their efforts. Just as we point out the failures that a worker commits, it is very important to recognize their successes and thank them. Feedback will make them feel that it has been worthwhile to strive. Even there are companies which decide to create fun competitions to recognize the work well done among their employees.
  • Promote teamwork. Suggest activities that allow your workers to get to know each other better through:


– Team building games.

– Team meals.

– Internal events.

– Corporate sports teams.

In general it is about making sure that you build a team and not that you promote envy and competitiveness.

  • Talk to them clearly. There is nothing to make a worker suspicious more than to feel that important information is hidden to him. So talk to your team honestly about the course of the company so that the misinformation does not cause insecurity. Use a more positive, but effective, way of communicating. And why do not you change your orders for questions?
  • Promotes professional growth. When a worker feels he has stagnated in his job, he loses his enthusiasm. Show him that he has your trust.
  • And above all, give an example!


Other actions to make your employees happy

Beyond the strategies you put in place in the office, there are a number of changes that will make your employee feel happier at his job. In order to avoid financial problems, it is advisable to reserve a budget item for actions like the following.

Even if you think your workers are satisfied in their position, you can always work more and better to achieve success. In fact, for them to perceive that they are a priority for the company is a great technique of motivation.

At IBMH, because of the comprehensive service we offer and the transparency with which we work, the satisfaction of the team is very important. We want our clients to perceive, both in results and in attitude, the confidence we feel towards our professionals. And you, what techniques do you use to keep the motivation of the team in your furniture hardware business ?