The best service and customer support in the furniture hardware industry

Today we would like to introduce you to our new member in the commercial department: Fannie Lai.

Fannie has just joined the commercial department, however, has been working at IBMH since February 2017, when she started her career in our company, in the purchasing department. We are happy for her evolution and appreciate her effort and professional growth. Congratulations Fannie!

At IBMH our added value is our team. A multidisciplinary team of professionals capable of tackling any task and offer the best service and customer support in the furniture hardware industry

Let’s see who Fannie Lai is…

Fannie studied at the South China Business University, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. She is been working on the trading business since she graduated in 2012. She has extensive experience in exportation businesses and has worked with clients from different countries. Fannie has even attended several fairs as an exhibitor, such as the Canton Fair, the Shanghai Fair or Frankfurt, where she has stood out for her great professionalism.

Fannie loves music, she always says she is one of her hobbies. She also loves to travel to rural and coastal towns. Fannie likes sports and has been practicing Taekwondo for more than seven years. She is very patience and it draws attention the way she expresses herself. She always knows how to make people understand her in the best way, the most appropriate, in any situation.


Ready to offer the best service and customer support in the furniture hardware industry

IBMH: Welcome to the Commercial Department of IBMH Fannie! What are your first impressions about your new position on the commercial team?

Fannie: Joining a new department is a great challenge for me and I appreciate this great opportunity. Being a part of this great team is a huge pride for me.

IBMH: What are your main functions within the IBMH commercial team?

Fannie: The effort and daily work of the sales team is focused on tracking all orders from our customers. Our main objective is to avoid any inconvenience during the entire management process, until it is received at destination. In addition, another of our main tasks is to develop new items for our clients. Help them to incorporate the most suitable articles for their markets, those that give them more value.

IBMH: Did you know IBMH and the work it does before your incorporation?

Fannie: To be honest, not being involved in the hardware business in my previous job, I did not know too much about IBMH until I came here for my interview. But I am sure that anyone who has been in the furniture and building hardware business for years must know IBMH. It is a well-known brand of its sector at international level.

Your first impression…

IBMH: What did attract you most from working for IBMH?

Fannie: I like IBMH for its passion for work well done, professionalism and its powerful work system. Each department has its own duties and they all carry out in a very organized way. And thanks to its unique work system, there are no processes that require endless tasks, many are automatic. There are not losses of information because everything is managed in the system to ensure maximum traceability. Therefore, productivity is greater and we can respond to the needs of our customers in record time.

IBMH: What do you think you will be able to contribute to the commercial team? How will you contribute to provide the best service and customer support in the furniture hardware industry in your new position?

Fannie: I have always believed that having a great sense of responsibility and a great ability to work is undoubtedly the key to any person’s success in any position. I think, with this attitude and my previous experience in the purchasing department, I will fulfill my purpose. I will bring my grain to contribute to the fulfillment of the goals of the team in my new position.


How you see the future…

IBMH: What is your personal opinion about the future of the hardware industry in China?

Fannie: In my opinion, although China is suffering from the instability in the exchange rate between USD and CNY, and the excessive increase in raw materials and cartons, I believe that the hardware industry still occupies one of the most important roles in the business of exportations of China. In addition, under the new Chinese environmental protection policy, I believe that production systems will evolve to a higher level from a purely economic approach to other more sustainable and the environment care.

Thank you very much Fannie! Surely you will be a great contribution to offer the best service and customer support in the furniture hardware industry in our Commercial Department.

We wish you all the luck in your new job and a long career at IBMH!