New addition to IBMH's Purchasing Department

Today we want to introduce you to Miya Lau. Our new colleague from the Purchasing Department, who joined the team just over a month ago.

At IBMH we would not be able to offer our customers in the hardware industry the best products and services if we did not have the best team. Professionals, such as Miya Lau, always ready to give their best, to innovate, to study each case in detail to always offer the best solutions. Therefore, for us our team is a source of pride and it is a great satisfaction to continue growing, with the addition of Miya Lau.

Get to know Miya Lau a little more closely

Miya Lau graduated in 2016 from Guangdong AIB Polytechnic University with specialization in English. From that same year she began her career in the foreign trade industry. She has worked in a wine importing company as head of import purchases and customs orders for more than four years.

Her passion and goal are to continue improving as a professional in this industry that has so much future.

Among her hobbies are: watching thriller movies and science fiction, traveling (she has recently visited Thailand, Vietnam and different places in China) and enjoying culture and gastronomy.

We spoke with Miya Lau, our new addition to the Purchasing Department

IBMH: Welcome to the IBMH Purchasing Department, Miya! Did you know IBMH and the work it does before you joined?

Miya Lau: I didn’t really know much about IBMH, because I hadn’t been involved in this area before.

IBMH: What attracted you most to working for IBMH?

Miya Lau: I love the work environment at IBMH, everyone is very friendly and helpful. Also, the work model. Each department has its own role and everything is operated in a systematic way to ensure the traceability of all information and compliance with deadlines.

 Your first impressions

IBMH: What are your first impressions of your new position in the IBMH Purchasing Department?

Miya LauJoining a new sector is a new challenge and a new opportunity for me. It is a pleasure to work with such a professional group of colleagues. From the beginning all of them have taught and helped me in my new role.

IBMH: What are your main roles within the IBMH sales team?

Miya Lau: Our main goal is to provide the best service to customers. In our Purchasing Department we look for new manufacturers of products to recommend the best to our customers.

IBMH: What can you bring to the Purchasing Department? What are your personal qualities?

Miya Lau: First of all, in the last four years I have been involved in the foreign trade industry, I have some knowledge of the operation and structure of this industry. And my previous experience has provided me with a good foundation for my current work. With all this, I hope to be able to contribute my bit to the fulfillment of the objectives of the team.

As for my personal qualities, I think they can contribute to a good performance of my duties, because I am a patient person with a high tolerance to stress.

How you see the future of the hardware industry

IBMH: What is your personal opinion about the future of the hardware industry in China?

Miya Lau: In my opinion, China’s hardware industry still has unlimited future growth potential. With the latest advances and the continued progress of China’s industrial technology, the furniture hardware industry will also evolve. Developing new high-tech products, responding to new material needs and enjoying a high quality of life at home.

Therefore, I believe that the hardware industry will continue to occupy one of the most important roles in China’s export business in the future.



You know that at IBMH our added value is people. A multidisciplinary team of professionals capable of facing any task, any challenge. That is why we can proudly say that we are the leading company in the sector. Thank you very much Miya Lau! We wish you many successes in your new professional stage that you start with us!