IBMH is a company committed to excellence

IBMH is a company committed to excellenceformed by a young, multicultural and highly qualified team. At IBMH, we believe in people. That’s why we offer the right environment, opportunities andchallengesneeded for professional development. We all work in an open, airy setting, with a structure of equalityand a system of communication that is open and without barriers.

IBMH, leader in Hardware Purchase Managementwith business operations in more than 27 countries, is looking to expand its team. This is your chance to show what you’re worth!

How do we choose our team? How do we search for future employees?

The transparency of our recruitment and selection policy is based on two fundamental principles:

  • • No discrimination
  • • Equal opportunity

The selection process is based on merit and the capabilities of the candidates. If IBMH is a company committed to excellence, it’s because we always analyze the profiles of the proposed candidates in depth. Because of this, we can obtain clear and measurable evidence of their capabilities and merits.

Specifically, this evidence lies in:

  • • The candidate’s potential in terms of aptitude and attitude
  • • Personality traits
  • • Competencies
  • • Behavior in a team setting
  •  Leadership abilities
  • Ability to place their work at the service of others
  • • Interests and motivations
  • Suitability for the position

By itself, IBMH is nothing—we must recognize that we are the talent of our team.


Who are we looking for?

If you are a student or young professional with university studies, we’re looking for you!

IBMH is a company committed to excellence that believes in long-term career development. No one is born with the necessary professional knowledge. But what we do know is that people need challenges and motivation in order to grow and develop their full potential. So, we challenge you to begin your professional journey with us and put your knowledge, proactivity and enthusiasm to the test in a work environment full of opportunities.

If you are an experienced professional, help us to increase our value as a company.

We offer you a unique opportunity to contribute to the unstoppable growth of the multicultural leader in International Hardware Purchase Management in China. We encourage you to free your potential and enrich your professional experience.


At IBMH, our work is our true passion. If IBMH is a company committed to excellence, it’s because we enjoy it, we live it and we develop it enthusiastically every day. And, in this case, because we are also ambitious and want to grow… we need you!

Come and bring all of your knowledge, experience and curiosity. Together, at IBMH, we will go far!