Planning for success or for survival, how to find balance

When a crisis is seen in the panorama, companies already know that, sooner or later, it will affect them. It is at that moment that you think about planning, for success or for survival? And, as much as you prefer to plan for success and always customer-oriented, competitiveness based exclusively on costs, often, seems a reality closer to be able to survive.

Competitiveness in times of crisis: finding the balance

Complex situations that many companies live today make survival the main objective of all of them. Therefore, the goal they set in the short term is to be more competitive in order to win over the other companies in the sector and not lose sales. However, planning for survival and not so much for success, understood as an improvement of products and services to offer a better shopping experience to the customer, is it really worth it? Won’t the brand’s reputation be damaged?

You have to plan to survive, there is no doubt, otherwise, which company could remain in the market? However, as much as bad times are pressing, if you plan only in this way, if you leave the customer out, if we forget about continuous improvement, how long would it take for a brand to disappear?

Companies that plan for success have the best chance of surviving

When we look only at numbers, intellectual capital is neglected. The values, which makes us different, unique. The aspects on which we can improve, and which are what would make customers have a better experience, are that they see us as leaders.

In human resources, the people who work for the company, customer loyalty, innovation and company ideas hide the key to success, the answer to the question of how to get away with the new crisis. Planning here and not so much focused on costs will make all the difference.

Planning for success: crisis also means opportunity

When the word ‘crisis’ starts to be heard in the media, we usually panic. We do not know how long it will last, who and how many it will affect. Did you know that for many cultures ‘crisis’ is not so much a fatality as an opportunity? Then, how can we emerge from the crisis stronger than we entered it? Planning for success means:

  • Have human talent, advisors who know how to contribute innovative ideas and, in addition, have the right tools.
  • Be able to identify new opportunities as soon as they arise. To carry them out before anyone else, to measure results to know if we are on the right track.
  • Be aware of what is happening. Gather information that is helpful for quick decision-making in a crisis.
  • Allocate resources to improve the quality of products and services to position ourselves before customers as undisputed leaders.
  • Allocate budget to the management of the crisis before it hits the company hard.
  • Go back and value what has already been done, that is, learn from mistakes and successes.


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