Introducing the one-touch automatic door closer

IBMH introduces its new “Hot Product”: the one-touch automatic door closer for kitchen furniture cabinets and others. Incorporating this hardware into your catalog will be an excellent decision. And, thanks to its operation, characteristics, quality and proven effectiveness, it will comply with the expectations of all customers.

Door components: what’s the new one-touch automatic door closer like?

Its mechanical operation, since there is no hydraulic or pneumatic piston, is as simple as intuitive. Once installed, you only have to touch the door of the furniture with a slight pressure so that. When released, the mechanism activates the rebound effect and opens the door gently. To close it, we push the door (also gently) and let the mechanism finish doing the job.

Thanks to this China hardware a rebound opening effect is achieved. As well as a smooth closing effect. In other words, this door component can open and close the drawer with a slight touch.

Main features and components of the new hardware for wooden doors

Architectural hardware for doors such as this door closer hidden is composed of a main body installed in the cabinet. And a component that is fixed on the door. The main body housing is made of high-strength engineering materials, which makes it durable and resistant to possible shocks.

The one-touch door closer crossbar and internal parts are made of high-quality cold rolled steel plates. All this guarantees a stable and safe product. In addition, this hardware for construction has a screw in the front. It is responsible for adjusting the sensitivity of the door according to the requirements and tastes of the user.

Technical aspects of the new door closer that you can import with IBMH

Herraje puerta

Let’s look in detail at the technical aspects of this hidden door closer embedded with sliding guide:

  • Performs the automatic full opening function at 110 degrees with one touch. It also provides a smooth closure with just one press.
  • The structure of the one-touch door closer is mechanically operated. It provides greater stability. Its useful life is more than 50,000 cycles.
  • It has a wide range of applications: it can be used in kitchen doors and cabinets, bathroom furniture, living rooms and bedroom closet doors, among others. Its installation is suitable for 95% of the different designs of cabinet doors.
  • These construction and doors components must be installed together with a springless hinge (in which the bowl offers no force for either opening or closing). No shock absorber at cabinet closure.
  • Its installation can be done in two ways: exposed installation and hidden installation.


The advantages of the one-touch automatic door closer. Why is it so practical?

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The door closer that you can already import with IBMH is a most useful door hardware. Among other things, because…

  1. Provides a smooth opening and closing of doors, without shocks or noises.
  2. It is easy to install and suitable for doors of all kinds.
  3. It covers the needs of the most demanding customers looking for a hardware that provides the best performance.
  4. And all this, as always, without leaving aside the aesthetics and design. Once the hardware is installed, a decorative cover can be placed on it.


If you want to incorporate a one-touch automatic door closer into your hardware catalog, you have IBMH. We will take care of the management of all your imports of furniture and construction hardware from China. In this way, we improve the profitability of your purchases. Contact us today and we’ll tell you everything we can do for your business.