How does the location of a Chinese factory  affect your business? When it comes to the manufacture of a product, the most important thing is the search and selection of a provider that meets your needs. And remember, the location will become one of the most important things for you. 

When we are selecting a manufacturer among an endless list of possibilities, the location of the factory often can be the key when making a decision. In addition to factors such as the price, the quality of the product imported from China and the deadline for shipping, the place where the factory is located will determine the success of your order. On the one hand, and being the most obvious factor, the location of the factory directly affects the distance of the journey you have regarding this. And, as we know, China offers us great distances. So, in the case that we want to perform audits, the physical distance from the factory will directly affect our quality of life. There are also financial costs associated with travel and accommodation which must be taken into account when visiting a factory.


In the event that you have decided to hire a quality inspection company as IBMH, if this company has local staff in the area where you will find your Chinese supplier, it will also reverberate positively directly in your business: so you must not cover so many travel expenses, you will get samples faster and, in general, the costs will be considerably lower.

It is also important to know that the climate of the Chinese factory location can affect the quality of our order. Weather conditions affect not only the time of delivery of our product, but also the raw materials used in the manufacture of your products.

Then keep in mind that wherever your factory is, you must make sure that both you and your suppliers are complying with local laws. So be sure that there are no conflicts with the laws that govern the location of the Chinese factory. There are regulations that tend to be stricter in the major cities of China compared to rural areas. In the same way, the corruption may be a violation that is overlooked in some areas, while it is strictly forbidden in others.


Finally, the location of the hardware factory in China and the rotation of workers is a component of manufacturing that many importers neglected to consider when choosing a provider. China has a turnover rate of migrant labor between 15 and 30 per cent every year, especially in cities. Due to the immense size and population of the country, many of the labor force employed in the factories is composed of migrant workers.

Procesos de control de calidad de IBMH

Procesos de control de calidad de IBMH

The interruptions and delays in the orders of hardware factories are common in China as result of the high rotation of the workers.