The featured hardware for this month is really practical and original: it is a Wardrobe Pivoting Mirror for inside cupboards and closets that is placed on the side of the cabinet, the mirror structure carries on its back a sliding guides of total extraction that allows you to completely remove the mirror from the interior of the wardrobe or closet in which it is installed.

Telescopic sliding guides inside these mirrors have an additional function. Once the mirror is located outside the cabinet or closet, it can rotate at any angle both right and left, being ideal for small spaces, of easy installation and also available in different sizes. This Swivel Mirror Bracket is manufactured in anodized aluminum of excellent quality ideal for cabinets, dressing rooms and closets.Manufactured entirely in high quality anodized aluminum, which gives not only an excellent aesthetic, but also provides excellent resistance against moisture, corrosion and external atmospheric agents. Its special structure that simultaneously serves us as handle, provides an effective protection of the mirror.


The mirror can be extracted and rotates up to 180°. The rotation system of the mirror is very strong and stable. It has fastening system and includes all necessary fasteners for proper installation. This hardware has taken a very complex production procedure, with the production of complicated aluminum alloys, which have as a final result a product of high quality with excellent performance. This line of hardware of high range was designed and created initially by the Italian company VIBO, but Chinese manufacturers copied with a millimeter accuracy all this line of hardware of high aesthetic MADE IN ITALY.

The VIBO Company tried for many years to hinder the marketing of this range of hardware imported from China, but there are so many Chinese companies which began to manufacture this line of hardware that it was impossible for them to control them all.


The most advantaged Chinese manufacturers have left behind that initial design copied from VIBO and have managed to get new lines which share the functionality of the original product, but with a design and variety of different finishes, even exceeding in many cases the original design made in Italy, in addition to being aesthetically different products , they did not breach any patent, so the importer of hardware in Europe could import directly from China these hardware and trade them freely without any problems.


At IBMH we have located the best Chinese factories of high range hardware for cabinets, closets and wardrobes, those Chinese factories that are capable of manufacturing the highest quality hardware are today imported from China by the largest importers of hardware at European level.