Once you have obtained a final price in the production of a piece in China, you have probably wondered, is this the best price I can get? With IBMH you have a “Yes” for an answer. 
Like the majority of importers, you have likely questioned whether the price quoted by the supplier is fair and realistic, based on the market prices. If you were working with experts who have a wide range of suppliers to compare, you would not have this problem. To know up to how much you can adjust a price is a challenge even for the most experienced buyers. But luckily, we have some tricks that we want to share with you in getting the best price from the suppliers.
  1. Request budgets to several suppliers

It is essential to get the production price of a product by different Chinese suppliers before you buy an order. So you get a better understanding of the global market rate for certain articles. Once you have contacted at least three providers, (the more the better) you will be able to start the comparison of budgets.


  1. Ask for a sample of the product.

While providers normally held charges by production and shipping of a sample of the hardware, this is one of the best ways to really know the quality of the product before ordering it. Compare the efficiency and effectiveness of communication between the different providers also is a way of ensuring a reliable provider.

It does not matter the way that you choose to find suppliers, what is more important is that the research of the multiple suppliers is carefully made and, when comparing, we take into account all those relevant factors.


  1. Do not negotiate too low prices with suppliers

Some importers mistakenly think that getting the best price from suppliers means to get the lowest possible price. But the old proverb “you get what you pay for” is as true in China as in any other place. This is especially true for Chinese suppliers who work with very narrow margins, which often try to recover the lost margins in the negotiations through the use of cheaper materials, often without your approval. In addition, these low-margin may also cause shipping delays (you will have a low priority) or other inconveniences.


For IBMH the best thing is to be frank and open with the potential suppliers about the price we expect to pay for a product. Make clear your quality expectations is also important.