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If you look carefully, almost every company, no matter what type, has a corporate blog that they lovingly tend to. Why is that? If you think it’s because they figure everyone has a blog and they’re not going to be the only ones without one, you’re mistaken. These days, having a blog in the hardware business is both profitable and a perfect way to communicate with existing and potential customers. Of course, to make it work, you have to follow a few rules, something that we at IBMH have learned from work, experience and effort. Keep reading, and you can learn them too.

Why having a blog in the hardware industry pays off

Does a hardware company like mine need a corporate blog? You’ve probably asked yourself this question more than once. It might seem like all this marketing and blog stuff is just for big multinational corporations, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Right now, blogs are an ideal way to connect with customers and get the word out about your hardware business. It takes hard work and it’s an investment, because you have to devote time to it, but it’s worth it.


Advantages of having a corporate blog

Just in case you’re still on the fence as to whether a blog means more work with little benefit, here are some of the main advantages:

  • Allows you to promote your brand and products as well as the philosophy of your hardware business.
  • Helps to increase and improve the company’s notoriety and online reputation.
  • Sets you apart from direct and indirect competitors.
  • A properly managed corporate blog translates to reader trust, and it’s perfect for capturing customers and building loyalty!
  • Weekly posts lead visitors to the website.
  • Keeps your customers up to date on what’s going on at your company.


How to make sure your blog is profitable in the hardware industry

Obviously, if you want all these advantages without making any mistakes, you should follow a series of guidelines to ensure the blog is managed well. The same guidelines we’re sharing with you here are the ones we follow at IBMH. First rule, it’s not necessary to post every day. As long as you do it once or twice a week, at least four posts per month, and you maintain that pace, it will be sufficient. Second rule, follow these points carefully:


The content must be relevant

Every blog post should have at least 450 words in order to be indexed by search engines. Those words, in turn, must be relevant to the reader—in other words, they must add value. As for the topics you will discuss, they need to be high-quality, current, and satisfy the needs of the customer.


Each post with its image and its links

Every post on your corporate blog should have a featured image that relates to the content. With links, your best bet is to insert two internal links, one that points to your hardware company contact page and a second one that goes to related content.


How do you choose keywords?

Keywords are important, too. What does that mean? Well, it means you should focus on a main word or term—what your article will be about—and repeat it three or four times throughout the text.


Time to introduce your hardware blog

Finally, you have to let people know about your blog and each post you create. It’s important that your audience knows it exists. Prepare a database of contacts to whom you can send each new article. Share on social media on your company’s official pages.


So, now we’ve seen how having a corporate blog can be profitable in the hardware industry. But if you want to stand out in your market with a quality product at the best price, contact IBMH today. We’ll take care of your furniture hardware and accessories imports, guaranteeing profitability for your business.