The 8 features a successful team should have

To create a working group that works and contributes to the smooth running of the company, it is not enough just to have talented people or a great curriculum. You also have to get all the team members to fit together. In this way, the work is better structured, communication is fluid, motivation is guaranteed, and efficiency is noted, but how to get to this point? What are the features of a successful team?

Features that every successful team should have

Let’s take a look at the 8 features that a successful or high-performance team should have

1 Communication, communication, communication

Communication is the basis of any working group. Not only it has to be fluid but also has to be opened. Workers should have a marked predisposition to dialogue, information and brainstorming. The opinions are always respected, valued and take into account.

2 Individual and teamwork

It seems obvious, but sometimes it’s forgotten. In a successful team, each one must meet objectives individually but also together, i.e. there has to be a climate of cooperation. Division of tasks and goals, coordination and sharing, that is another key to success.

3 Pro-active and participatory attitudes

Each team member participates in problem solving and proposing ideas with a pro-active attitude. Here hierarchies do not exist because they all go in the same direction and after common global goals.

4 Creativity and ingenuity

What else should a successful team count on? With great doses of creativity and wit. In this way, the challenges and any other problems that arise in the company will have the best solutions.

5 Feeling of belonging

To create a working workgroup, you must ensure that all participants have the much-needed sense of belonging. Not only the company but also the team of which they are part.

It is the right method for everyone to be free to take risks and responsibilities and to act at their discretion.

6 Trust and recognition

Trust is tied to the previous point of feeling of belonging. Self-confidence as an independent professional. In the capabilities of your team and also in the company to which you dedicate your time. On the other hand, this dedication needs recognition that in turn serves as a source of motivation.

7 Commitment and responsibility

Commitment to the company, of course, but also to the members of the working group. Responsibility for fulfilling tasks as efficiently as possible. And also, responsibility when faced with the possible problems that are plated in the company.

8 A great leader

What else should a successful team have? With a great leader who leads, orients, motivates, inspires and listens. In this way it is possible to promote the professional development of the members of the company.

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