Lift-up Kitchen Cabinet Storege System.

Do you know the advantages and features of the Lift-up Kitchen Cabinet Storege System? In this post we tell you everything about this product so that you find out all the benefits that it would entail for your business to incorporate it into your hardware catalog with us.


Import with IBMH the Lift-up Kitchen Cabinet Storege System

It is simply the best solution for today’s kitchens. Why? Because in many of them, being small, it is necessary to take advantage of the space, which makes some drawers located in the upper area making it difficult to reach the objects that are stored inside.

Therefore, this hardware for furniture and kitchen cabinets, becomes the perfect solution for many homes and even shops and businesses. It consists of a modern high-quality storage system that can be extracted and fold to a comfortable height to access its interior. It will be of great help to comfortably organize the kitchen items on top of the furniture and without any problem to reach them.

A hardware for kitchen furniture that you can already import from China, thanks to the professional management of the IBMH sourcing team.

sistema de almacenamiento extraíble y abatible para muebles de cocina


Main types and features:

In the Lift-up Kitchen Cabinet Storege System you will find different models. Some are designed to drain and organize dishes and glasses. In this case the trays included will be made of stainless steel. Or to store, for example, bottles and spices, whose trays will be in chromed steel. In all of them, frame and lifting mechanism, are designed in high quality steel. In addition, you can create different combinations to the end customer’s liking, for example:

  • It can be combined with baskets made of chromed wire.
  • Also available with flat wire baskets with color. For example, in anthracite color, it is one of the most demanded. And with a wooden base on which the kitchen items will be placed.
  • There is the option to place baskets in the front, glass on the back and wood on the base.


Designs and measurements of this new storage system for kitchens:

sistema de almacenamiento extraíble y abatible para muebles de cocina

The width of the assembly must be suitable for the width of the kitchen cabinet where it will be installed. These are the measurements of the removable and folding storage system for kitchen furniture:

  • Manufactures are standard type, i.e. installed in kitchen furniture of width 600, 800 and 900mm. The assembly therefore measures width: 565. Height: 605. Background: 280.
  • Also available a system for a furniture of 300 – 350mm in the background, 700mm high and 600 wide.


The advantages of the Lift-up Kitchen Cabinet Storege System

Among its most noteworthy advantages are…

  • Thanks to its folding and removable module, objects stored inside high furniture can be easily reached.
  • The hardware comes down enough to be able to take what is needed comfortably and safely. No more getting in a chair!
  • Features a soft closure that prevents shock.
  • Its innovative design adapts to modern kitchens.
  • Save space because everything is perfectly organized.


The Lift-up Kitchen Cabinet Storege System is undoubtedly the perfect solution for any kitchen that needs to take advantage of the space. If you also want to add it to your hardware catalog today, contact us! We will take care of your imports of furniture hardware from China so you can increase the profitability of your business. Do you want to talk?