furniture hardware business needs a leader

At IBMH, we’re aware of how important it is to work as a team. It’s just as important to do it among ourselves as it is with our clients, because the results have the potential to be much better. But we mustn’t forget that there is no team without organization, and for that, you need to ask yourself whether your furniture hardware business needs a leader or a boss.

We’ll sort out the differences between the two so that you can assess the implementation of one or the other… or both!

Teamwork: leader or boss

If you’re not sure if your furniture hardware business needs a leader or a boss, you should know that both are fundamental for the development of a good team.

  • • The boss organizes, coordinates and ensures a good pace for the work. They monitor the activity of each member of their team, helping them with planning and reporting. A boss will achieve their clear objectives thanks to a good relationship and communication with their team. Their role is fundamental for the overall organization of the company.
  • • The leader has a vision. Their task centers on choosing the people who will accompany them on their journey towards a goal. The leader is the heart of the teamand has an almost informal and/or natural air of authority. The leader is the engine of the companythat drives and influencesthe rest of the team and promotes new initiatives.

Teamwork: the leader and boss must complement each other

A leader isn’t better or more important than a boss. At IBMH, part of our success is due to just that. Good teamwork simply doesn’t work without these two elements.

  1. 1. A boss is necessary for fluid and effective performance.
  2. 2. A leader knows how to engage and motivate their teams(including the boss!).
  3. 3. REMEMBER, a good boss needs a leader (and vice versa!).

Leader and boss are two indispensable elements for the company, and should be understood as complementary concepts.

Leader and boss: working towards the same objective

Both should work in the same direction and with similar resources, and, of course, both a good boss as well as a good leader have to know how to:

  • • delegate
  • • trust
  • • listen
  • • value the knowledge and competencies of each team member
  • • question themselves
  • • lead by example
  • • recognize failure as an achievement
  • • encourage good communicationbetween team members without neglecting communication between the leader/boss and the team. It may help to organize short meetings and use efficient communication software.
  • • generate a feeling of belongingto the team, to the company and to the brand.

Day after day, we all learn…

The world of construction and furniture hardware is a tough one in which negotiation and innovation are vital in order to achieve success. Specialized industries such as ours are faced with serious problems on a daily basis, but we also increase our accomplishments and failures. If after this article you still have questions about whether your furniture hardware business needs a leader or a boss, we encourage you to make the necessary effort to incorporate both in your company. In this way, with IBMH by your side, we can reach any goal you propose. We’re sure of it.

The secret to our success is having a great team specialized in purchase management and selection of manufacturers. We are fully aware that working alone, without forming a team, will get us nowhere fast. We have to work hand in hand, and with our clients, too.

Let’s work together to reach the same objective: more successes in an excellent work environment!