Furniture hardware distributor and Chinese food

As you know, at IBMH, we work in the Chinese market and have lived in China for more than 20 years. Our office is always open to industry professionals who want to meet us and learn about the benefits of our service. Obviously, this means that we often play the role of host. We especially enjoy this part of our work, which is why today we’d like to share our culinary knowledge with you. Do you think a furniture hardware distributor and Chinese food make a good pair? Read on…

Chinese food: 4 basics you should know about Chinese gastronomy

  1. 1. Chinese food is developed around the 5 essential flavors: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and spicy.
  2. 2. Good food is judged by its color, aroma, taste and presentation.
  3. 3. Sitting down to eat isn’t merely about “satiating hunger”, but about satisfying the palate and bringing joy to what you are eating.
  4. 4. In China, flavors change dramatically from one region to another: the food in Sichuan is spicy and intense, while in Hong Kong it tends to be more sweet-and-sour. In the north, food is very salty, while the minorities in the south tend to eat sour foods.

Chinese food: 5 basics for how to sit down to eat at a Chinese restaurant in China

  1. 1. Before you begin eating, toast. With beer, rice wine or any other drink, a toast is made in honor of the host and the guests.
  2. 2. Never accept anything “on the first offer”. Whether you are the host or a guest, there need to be several rounds of insisting before accepting any offer. It’s a game that can take a while… be patient!
  3. 3. Slurping is a sign of enjoyment, but remember, everything has its limit. Don’t go overboard…
  4. 4. Burping usually indicates that one is “accepted”. Our advice is: if you can’t help it, don’t worry, but don’t force it either.
  5. 5. Paying the bill: in line with point number 2, we recommend offering (and, eventually, desisting) to pay the bill.

Chinese food: 5 secrets to avoid unpleasant surprises

  1. 1. Forget about using a fork and knife. Here, both the size and cooking method of foods are designed to be eaten with chopsticks.
  2. 2. You will find enigmatic names on restaurant menus. They like to “trap” diners from the beginning. So much so that you might end up trying “sliced lungs of husband and wife” (a mixture of tongue and other cow parts in a spicy sauce, whose sale has recently been prohibited) or “ants climbing up a tree” (vermicelli with ground spicy pork).
  3. 3. The names of some dishes can be confusing: the famous “country chicken” is actually frog.

Chinese food: be careful what you order

  1. 1.The Chinese eat all sorts of living creatures. Don’t be surprised by dog fondue, fried insects, scorpions, snake or rat, among other things.
  2. 2. Even if you consider yourself an adventurous hardware distributor, there are many foods that are normally brushed aside. Here, you’ll rediscover a multitude of foods:
    • • green vegetables (all of which are eaten)
    • • lotus roots
    • • duck necks
    • • chicken wings
    • • snails
    • swift or swiftlet birds
  3. 3. Durian: for the Chinese, it’s “the king of fruits” (because of its very sweet taste). For us, it’s “the smelliest fruit in the world”. Similar in appearance to a spiky rugby ball, it has a stench that is so unpleasant it is banned from airports, hotels and public transportation.
  4. 4. Dried meats and fish: people tend not to like these because of their strong smell, appearance and lack of cleanliness.

Is it possible to combine business for a furniture hardware distributor and Chinese food in one trip?

In short, if what you want is to combine business for a furniture hardware distributor and Chinese food in one trip, the help of a guide or interpreter is absolutely essential. In this way, you’ll avoid all sorts of surprises… Or, you could also look for a partner in your culinary shenanigans… one of our staff just might surprise you.

At IBMH, besides being the best partner for construction and furniture hardware imports, we love to help our friends and clients discover Chinese gastronomy and culture. A furniture hardware distributor and Chinese food makes, at least for a few days, a great pair! Come see us and you’ll be surprised by everything we have to show you.