Rectangular closet rod , key product in your imports from China

Closet interiors are becoming modernized and increasingly important in home decorating. You’ll find the most diverse array of closets: with interesting tonalities requested by interior designers all over the world together with a novel, minimalist aesthetic with straight lines. In light of this recent trend, today we present one of our star products at the moment: the rectangular closet rod.

It’s a small detail that transmits an image of order and elegance. Not to mention, paying attention to these details and focusing on “what’s different” rather than just quantity, can help strengthen and grow your business. Would you like to know more about what this rectangular closet rod has to offer?

Style and innovation

At the Milan Design Fair, the décor trends were clean and orderly, opening up interior spaces and emphasizing small details. The rectangular closet rod has that Italian style that everyone wants to get their hands on.

This straight-edged rod also allows for the use of diverse decorative elements:

  • • Nonslip material on the rod
  • • LED lighting
  • • Light sensors when the closet is open

Strength and versatility of the rectangular closet rod

Rectangular closet rod

Aside from breaking away from the boring aesthetic of round and oval rods from previous years, this rod offers:

a unique structural design, with extra strength and durability for the closet.

It is available in many colors, particularly grays and mochas because of current interior design trends. However, it is also possible to request a wide range of special finishes.

If what you want is a product that makes you stand out and lets you break out of the market’s race to the bottom, add this rectangular closet rod to your next catalogue. You’ll get your customers’ full and undivided attention.

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