Chi energy in business: Why it’s so important in China

Chi energy (also called Qi) is a term that comes from Chinese philosophy and medicine and Taoism. It means “vitality, vigor, morale” and is defined as an intangible quality of every living being. The concept specifically refers to a “flow of vital energy” and is considered very useful in business. In China, this energy is always in the foreground of professional projects, so if you work with companies in this country, it will be helpful for you to become familiar with it. Today, we’ll talk about chi energy in business and how it is used in China.

What is chi energy?

The word chi probably rings a bell, but you might not know exactly what it means. The Chinese concept of chi or qi energy is understood as the energy of the macrocosm that flows through the entire universe, and of the microcosm, or the human body and psyche. It is mixed in nature and flows freely in the living things that inhabit it. Did you know that advocates of this discipline claim that humans can control this energy for their own benefit?

If you break down the word, you will discover that its original meaning is “air, gas, or breath”. It used to be used to describe meteorological phenomena. In essence, qi is an element that is subtle, mobile and full of living energy that circulates through all things, giving them life and activity. As you can imagine, chi energy cannot be touched, seen or measured, but it is felt everywhere. In people, in animals, in nature… but chi energy also exists in businesses. The basic chi is that which we receive from our ancestors, which in turn is divided into two parts:

  1. The chi energy that comes from the air that enters and leaves us with every breath.
  2. Also the chi that is in our immediate surroundings and that gives life to personal and professional projects.


Properties of traditional Chinese energy

So, now we’re clear on the idea that chi flows from start to finish in our daily lives, but what are its main properties? According to Chinese culture, we can say that it is…

  • established as the source of each movement, as well as its primary companion.
  • responsible for protecting the body and granting it with health.
  • the first step in the harmonious transformation of each element that surrounds us.
  • develops the vigor and morale in all projects, present and future.
  • gives rise to the flow of vital energy.


How chi energy is used in business in China

Now, let’s see how this special energy is used in China in the field of business:

  • In business, qi is given a great deal of importance. It is what has the power to unify and motivate everything around it.
  • Companies try, to the extent possible, to ensure that their entryway is always well-lit. This allows the energy to flow everywhere.
  • Order and organization are other factors which contribute to this positive flow of energy.
  • The colors used in everything relating to the business (not just décor, but also corporate image, etc.) tend to be harmonious and neutral, never jarring.


In sum, for Chinese culture, chi energy in business (qi) has the power to strengthen, energize, and heal. But if you want to improve the profitability of your hardware imports, IBMH is the boost your company needs. That’s because we are your Strategic Purchase Management Office in China and we offer a comprehensive service that covers all your business’ needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us today.