metal structures for tables

One of IBMH’s most stand-out products is, without a doubt, these high-quality metal structures for tables. A perfect solution that allows you to design tables for diverse uses.

Here, we’ll tell you all about the advantages your hardware company can benefit from by adding this product to your catalogue today.

Advantages of these types of metal structures for tables

metal structures for tables

For many furniture designers and manufacturers, the perfect table must be made with a metal base, whether stainless steel, painted steel, or steel that is simply varnished for protection. Furthermore, ideally, the entire structure and the legs should be perfectly joined and welded to each other. This is the only way to ensure that the table will stand up to even the most demanding usage. And it’s why these high-quality metal structures for tables are one of IBMH’s star products.

Let’s take a look at their features, their main benefits, and the wide variety of uses that these metal frames, as they are also known, can be given:

  • The metal structures for tables are manufactured using the arc welding technique. This allows two pieces of metal to be securely joined using an electric arc. Because it emits such a high heat, it melts ferrous materials and results in a perfect weld. Also, by using this system, we can get a made-to-measure metal structure based on our needs. Very robust, perfect for the base of a table.
  • Weight capacity. This structure is designed to support a great deal of weight vertically. Its weight capacity it directly dependent upon the thickness of the metal used to manufacture the tubes.
  • Metal structures allow for the manufacture of table legswith a modern, cutting-edge design. With them, you can create tables that are stylish, aesthetic, and really quite visually stunning.
  • Based on the latest design trends. Plus, they are easy to clean and are an excellent way to add personality to the inside of any home.

The thickness and joints of the legs are important

metal structures for tables

It is very typical in the manufacturing of tables to use two separate legs that are simply screwed into the wooden tabletop. However, it is important to consider whether the table will be moved around frequently or whether it will stay in one place. If it will be used for something that requires a lot of moving around, a unified frameis best. This is a solution that will make it more robust, since otherwise, the screw joint between the metal and wood can be gradually worn away until it finally splinters the wood and the leg comes loose.

The biggest problem with tables over time is just that: the joint between the legs and the wood. To solve this problem, the wooden tabletop should be as thick as possible. Over the years, thin wood tends to split and break very easily. And to support thick tabletops and build furniture that will withstand the test of time, the metal structures for tables recommended by IBMH are essential.

Other advantages these metal structures for tables offer manufacturers

metal structures for tables

metal structures for tables

  • The variety of modelsand shapes is practically infinite. Although at present, straight lines and rectangular shapes are most on-trend.
  • With the combination of materialsused in these metal structures, such as iron, stainless steel with wood or glass, you can create truly versatile pieces of furniture. Pieces that will fit into any type of décor or setting, from industrial to vintage to modern.
  • Their legs allow for the manufacture of tables for a wide range of uses. From tables for private residences to tables for commercial or industrial use, for hotels, restaurants, dining halls, bars, etc.

If you want to offer these metal structures for tablesin your hardware company, why not contact us right now?We’ll be delighted to help you with the Strategic Purchase Managementof all your furniture and construction hardware so that you can increase the profitability of your imports.