El motivo de celebración de IBMH

At IBMH, we’re very proud today because we’ve grown our total business volume by 23% compared to last year! A challenge that we were able to meet with hard work, good practices and a great business strategy. But it’s also a challenge that was overcome thanks to all the quality businesses we work with every day, and all our suppliers. It’s with all of them that we share today’s cause for celebration at IBMH.

Success at IBMH is the success of our quality service

The truth is, we can celebrate the increase in our business volume with pride and satisfaction. What’s more (and this is the most important part), we can pat ourselves on the back because we were also able to increase the quality of our service even more and improve relationships with our clients. These are the keys to keeping a company on the path of success: improving the service you offer each day in order to build excellent client relationships.

Growing for its own sake without respecting the organization’s philosophy, mission and strategic plan doesn’t help much, if at all. It can even be something that, at some point, ends up costing you. At IBMH, we understand that being on the path of success and growth requires being in a constant process of improvement, in all of our departments and in every work system, internal and external.

Long-lasting client relationships, another cause for celebration at IBMH

Normally, “bad clients” are lost because of price, and “good clients” are lost because of poor service. We know that good service isn’t the only factor in keeping a client. But we also know that bad service is a key factor in losing them. Statistics show that the most common reasons that a company will lose clients are:

1% disappear

3% move away

5% become friends with a competitor

9% seek out lower prices

14% due to low-quality products

68% from indifference and poor pre- or post-sale customer service

Being able to say that we maintain long-lasting relationships with our clients is the most important cause for celebration at IBMH. For us, a client isn’t just a simple transaction, but rather an important connection that must be tended to at all times. That’s why one of the permanent objectives that we lay out in our organization is to ensure complete client satisfaction, because we know that that is what truly leads to excellent, long-term relationships with them.

IBMH is your Strategic Purchase Management Office in China

At IBMH, we don’t just sell hardware or the service of importing them from China; we offer experiences that are satisfactory to all parties involved in the process. And that is precisely what makes us stand out from the rest. If you just sell a product, you are vulnerable, because products can be easily replaced by others. Offering unique, quality experiences isn’t quite so easy to copy.

If you want to make your hardware business grow too, trust in the professional management of IBMH. You won’t just have a great partner who works with the best hardware suppliers in China, but IBMH will also be your Strategic Purchasing Office in China. All you have to do is contact us. Let’s get started!