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Thanks to the new ‘Tandem’ type pull-out kitchen hardware, having a supermarket storage system at home is now possible. This type of hardware offers a latest-generation storage system that provides many advantages.

Here, we’ll get you acquainted with all of its features so that you can decide how to make the most of them by incorporating them in your catalogue, with the help of IBMH’s professional management.

Features of ‘Tandem’ type pull-out kitchen hardware

‘Tandem’ type pull-out hardware for kitchen cabinets uses the latest two-part pull-out technology. But it also:

  • Offers a different opening experience, like a real supermarket shelf in your own home. This innovative system gives the user a complete view of all the products stored, at a glance, all at the same time.
  • It is based on the concept of a refrigerator. The two parts of the ‘Tandem’ type pull-out kitchen hardware are accessible with just one hand.
  • Favors more intuitive organization and easier access to everything stored inside the cabinet.
  • All elements of this hardware fit together with one constant, fluid motion. When you open the door, the front shelf is opened and made accessible automatically, while the levels of the rear shelf smoothly glide towards the user to facilitate access to their contents.
  • It is also available for tall cupboards and base units. There is also a ‘Depot’ option with double doors and a panoramic view.
  • The “small” rotating extension is perfectly designed and ideal to use in base units when placed directly underneath countertop electrical appliances.

herrajes extraíbles de cocina

Advantages of ‘Tandem’ type pull-out kitchen hardware developed by IBMH

Kitchen cabinets that, when opened, offer an element of surprise that no one expects. This is what you can achieve by incorporating the new ‘Tandem’ type pull-out kitchen hardware with IBMH. What’s more, the modular design of the ‘Tandem’ hardware offers many other advantages to kitchen cabinet manufacturers:

  • Allows you to organize the storage space in levels. Because of its modular design, it is possible to create different stacking options to organize the storage space, in terms of price and value.
  • A well-organized kitchen cabinet makes twice the use of the available space.
  • Placed under the coffee maker, steamer, toaster oven or microwave, or right next to the refrigerator, it allows storage of mugs, sugar, milk and other accessories within easy reach.
  • They are able to transform a conventional cabinet into two shelving units. They offer an overall view of 100% of the contents, compared to a tall cupboard with drawers or pull-out shelves.
  • You can decide how many levels to add to the basic support on a case-by-case basis.
  • The height of all the shelves and storage levels can be customized easily at any time.
  • The adjustment pieces can be hung up or taken down easily, with one hand.

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Does this ‘Tandem’ type pull-out kitchen hardware sound like a good option? Do you want it for your market? Contact us today and we’ll help you incorporate it in your catalog. Success 100% guaranteed!