have a good brand image

Today at IBMH, we want to talk to you about one of the most fundamental aspects of any company’s marketing strategy: its brand image.

Do you know what it means to have a ‘good brand image’? We’ll explain the advantages that correctly applying it can have for your furniture and construction hardware business.

What is brand image and why is it so important for a company?

Brand image is the set of tangible and intangible elements that symbolize the values that a company wants to communicate to its customers. For example, the logo, the name, the design, the corporate color and even the content generated by a company through its various communication tools.

All of these aspects characterize and define a company, and little by little, they build its brand image. These days, what differentiates one business from another is the emotions and values that they express. And how do they express them? Through their brand image, of course.

In short, brand image is the visible face of a company. It’s the first impression that your customers get, which automatically generates an opinion about your business.

It’s true that you can’t break into your customers’ heads and tell them what to think. But there are certain advertising, customer service, employee training and marketing strategies that can help you better manage your brand image, and, with it, the public’s opinion of you.

Advantages of having a good brand image

  • Differentiation. Brand image helps you set yourself apart from the competition. This is key to not going unnoticed, and to making sure your company is recognizable to consumers.
  • Making it easy for distributors and customers to trust you. If consumers have a good opinion of your company and the quality of your products, it will be easier for them to choose them when shopping. The same goes for distributors, who won’t have to think twice about having your products in their shops.
  • Cost savings. It’s possible for the initial investment in marketing campaigns to generate a good brand image to be high. However, this investment will decrease over time as your company becomes well-positioned in the market and recognizable by your potential customers.
  • Higher prices. With a good brand image, you will have added value in your products. This will make customers place their trust in them, even if they are paying a little bit more than what they would pay with the competition.

How to build a good brand image

  • Coherent brand image and communication. Your brand image must be exactly the same in each and every support you use in your business: business cards, web page, television ads… And that coherence should be maintained in how you transmit your values via communication. Choose an appropriate tone based on your target audience.
  • Market segmentation. It’s essential to know your target audience and focus your marketing strategy on them.
  • Above all, honesty. This is the first value that any business should communicate so that consumers can place their trust in it.
  • Involve your employees. Ultimately, they are the ones whose work will make your customers satisfied and happy with your company’s products and services.


Having a suitable marketing strategy that considers all these aspects of the business that influence your image is vitally important. In this way, you’ll build a positive opinion among your customers. But you’ll also need to take care of even the smallest details in the product or service that you offer. Meeting quality expectations and responding to the needs of your customers is, without a doubt, the key to having a good brand image in your hardware business. And that is where IBMH will be an ideal teammate. Want to know how? Contact us today!