Modelo de ruedas para muebles

At IBMH, we know that to maintain a business, you have to work from the very foundations and have quality products as well as efficient suppliers. But we also know that that’s not enough; an important aspect to consider is what’s new in the market. It’s for this reason that we want to introduce you today to Emmas, a truly surprising model of furniture casters. Want to learn what makes them so great? Keep reading!

Features of EMMAS, a truly surprising model of furniture casters of the highest quality


If you want to add this novel product to your catalogue too, you can do so easily and practically thanks to the professional management of IBMH. Now let’s look at some of the main features of Emmas, the most innovative model of furniture casters on the market.

  • They have a high-quality shiny chrome finish that gives the product an incredible appearance. Aesthetics in these products are important, too. And this is proof of it.
  • The part that comes in contact with the floor is made from completely transparent polyurethane, without any rough spots, burrs or any other kind of defect. What’s more, it will stay that way over time, without any yellowing or losing any of its transparency.
  • They have a wheel tread made from superior quality polyurethane. As a result, this model of furniture casters is very gentle on floors. No matter how much weight you put on them, they will always roll smoothly, without damaging hardwood or parquet floors.
  • Another point to keep in mind is that the final customer will be able to move their furniture easily and quietly. The wheels move incredibly smoothly, silently, and without vibrations or bumps. They’re simply perfect!




Benefits of adding the EMMAS model of furniture casters to your catalogue

In addition to everything mentioned above, we should add that the Emmas model of furniture casters offers these advantages:

  • They do not leave skid marks and the polyurethane wheel allows them to move silently. This is due to their capacity to absorb impacts and reduce vibrations.
  • Did you know that one of the main advantages of polyurethane is its flexibility, convenience and abrasion resistance? You couldn’t ask for more, don’t you agree?
  • This model of furniture caster, called Emmas, is available in several sizes in order to adapt perfectly to the design of the furniture on which it is installed.
  • There is an option to manufacture them with or without brakes, thus ensuring the ability to customize the furniture.
  • This entire range of wheels is specially manufactured for the home furnishings and decorating industry. They are designed and manufactured to bear a great deal of weight on each individual wheel.
  • The casters can be applied to interior furnishings, side tables, auxiliary furniture, display cases, stackable boxes, showcases and stools, and they can be used by hairdressers, on office chairs, in commercial spaces, by clothing shops, on designer furniture… In other words, it’s a product designed for all sorts of customers.

If you want to make your hardware business grow and you want your company to have the latest products on the market, like the Emmas model of furniture casters, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll let you know how to do it!