A hardware brand is more than a logo

A logo is a very important element for any company, that is true. It is your cover letter and the image consumers use to identify your company. That being said, a furniture hardware brand is not built with a good logo alone. Everything that is behind that logo is extremely important.  You need to give it the attention it deserves if you want your business to succeed.

Having a good furniture hardware brand goes far beyond a good logo design

At IBMH, we lovingly tend to every aspect of our business. From our corporate identity (brand, logo, and applications…) to our brand image and, of course, the products and services that we offer our clients at IBMH. Just as you do with your company, no doubt.

Of course, your customers don’t associate your brand with just your logo. The logo represents the brand, and the brand represents everything that makes up the company. The visual, graphic portion is not the only thing you have to consider if you want to create a good image for your business.

Brand image is not the same as corporate identity, but it is dependent upon it. Your hardware company has its own brand image which is developed among your customers. This image is the result of their perceptions of your company’s personality or brand identity. Additionally, brand identity is all the elements that characterize the company and set it apart from the competition.

Brand identity is built from:

  • Visual identity

This includes all the tangible elements that identify and differentiate a company: letterhead, website, offices, packaging, labels, uniforms, etc. To ensure a coherent identity, many companies create their own corporate manuals. These manuals should explain the values and principles of the company that must be reflected in all of its visual tools. This is where you would define the rules governing the use of logos, colors, typography, etc.

  • Verbal identity 

One of the most important variables in the development of any hardware brand is its relationship with the market. From the very beginning, you need to clearly define what values you want to transmit because those are the values that will be associated with the company. Verbal identity will be determined first by the brand name, and then, by the way, it is talked about by your target audience. Its “voice”—the message that makes it different—and the “tone” used must be adapted to your audience and used to empathize with them.

  • And its proposed position

While the brand image reflects how that brand is perceived by its target audience, the brand identity is its aspirations; it reflects the perceptions that must be developed and strengthened in order to endure. In other words, the brand identity also includes the proposed position of the brand, the significance that it aspires to have for its market.

Coherence between the products and the brand you want to build

Having a perfect logo will do little, if any, good if the products and services you offer aren’t high quality. If you can’t keep the promises you make to your customers, you’ll never have a good brand image. The products a company puts on the market must be of good quality, comply with existing regulations and offer added value to the customer.

A hardware brand is created through each and everything that is done in a company. From its products to communications with the customers and the company’s philosophy, the brand is a part of the communication strategy that defines you as a company. It connects you with your customers and is something that must be worked on every day. This is the only way to stand out from the competition.

IBMH can help you to build a good brand image for your company by managing the importation of the best products for your hardware brand. Contact us today. We’ll be delighted to take care of your furniture and construction hardware imports from China. Success guaranteed!