Which mobile apps are essential for traveling to China?

Mobile phones have been an indispensable tool in our lives for quite a while now. So much so that we use them for everything, and even more so if we have to go to an unfamiliar country. Are you going to visit China? Here, you’ll find the mobile apps that are essential for traveling to China. Having them installed will be a major help for you.

Traveling to China: mobile apps to consider

The first thing you should know is that Google Play Store doesn’t work in China, so the best move is to download the apps that you need before starting your trip. This way, you’ll be fully prepared. Let’s take a look at some of our recommendations!


Metro China Subway

No matter where you go, you need to know exactly how to get around. Having the subway map in the palm of your hand will definitely help you get where you need to go more easily. Metro China Subway is used a lot in China.

Another option is MetroMan. These are mobile apps where you can see the subway map of every city in China that has one. Then, you can calculate the route you need to take, the fare, any transfers, the stops and the services at each station.

Didi Chuxing to hail a taxi

Once you get the hang of the subway system in China, it’s time to learn how to get where you’re going above ground. The app Didi Chuxing allows you to find a taxi in order to get around the city conveniently.

Pleco Chinese dictionary and translator

The language is one of the major difficulties you will encounter when traveling to another country, especially if there are a ton of languages and dialects, as is the case in China. With the Pleco mobile app, you’ll have a complete Chinese-English/English-Chinese dictionary in which you can also translate short texts.

That’s not to mention Google Translate, which is available for many languages. You can translate in both directions, for example, from Chinese to English and from English to Chinese. We also can’t forget about the popular app WordReference, which serves as both dictionary and translator. Mobile apps like these will help make your stay more pleasant.

Similarly, another app that will be very helpful if you will be traveling to cities like Guangzhou is iTranslate Voice. Thanks to this app, you’ll be able to speak the language as if by magic. This application allows you to translate to another language using only your voice.

Bing, essential for looking up information

In China, the most widely used internet search engine is Baidu, which has millions of users throughout the country. Bing is another search engine that you can download an app for. You can use it to book a hotel or to check the hours at a museum or restaurant. In this app, you can search exactly the same way you would in Google.

AirVisual to check the air quality

AirVisual is another essential app for traveling to China. With it, you can check the air quality in real time. At the same time, you can see what the current levels of contamination are.

ExpressVPN and WeChat

ExpressVPN and WeChat are two more mobile applications that are very important if you are going to travel to China. WeChat is a mobile instant messenger service that also allows communication via voice messages. But WeChat is much more than just a “Chinese WhatsApp”. The things you can do with this app are practically infinite. From buying a plane ticket to hiring a cleaning service… and, of course, staying in touch with your company while you’re in China.

Something you need to keep in mind when traveling to China, especially if it’s for business, is that it is essential to have access to apps that ensure the privacy of the information you manage online. This is where VPNs come into play, since all the information that travels through the web passes through them. With the mobile app ExpressVPN, you can safely access all the information you need.

Now you know the best mobile apps for traveling anywhere in China and everything they can offer you. But if you are coming to China and are looking for excellent profits on your hardware imports, then there’s no doubt about it, you need to come meet us at IBMH. Contact us today. We’ll be delighted to welcome you in our offices and show you all the benefits of our Strategic Purchase Management service in China.