exclusive app for IBMH clients

No one can deny that smartphones have changed our lives, and especially business. Having the ability to get complete access to the Internet anywhere and any time of day has allowed us to make the most of time that used to have zero productivity. But at IBMH, we have an obsession: “increase the efficiency of all our clients.” And that’s why we’ve created an exclusive app for IBMH clients: the PMP App.

PMP (Procurement Management Platform) is our star tool for importers of hardware from China, and it is fully created by IBMH. Our clients benefit from its utilities every day. It’s been so successful that we couldn’t limit it to just a desktop version.

Why an app?

All of the apps that you’ll find in the major app stores were created to meet some specific need. Most of them have simple programming and are financed using advertisements. But not all of them are that simple; some encompass different functionalities that allow people to process a series of specific and vital tasks for their company. This is the case with the PMP App. At IBMH, we have combined effectiveness in task processes with the ease of use of mobile apps to offer real solutions to our clients.

What does the new PMP App from IBMH offer?

  • Control, monitor and administrate the complete process o your hardware imports from China in real time.
  • Make use of an exclusive personal assistant that you can access from anywhere and any device.

What are the features and functions of the PMP App, the exclusive app for IBMH clients?

exclusive app for IBMH clients


  • Cuts the typical time dedicated to each management in half.
  • Comprehensive tracking of the complete process of your imports. From the initial request to the final shipment of the goods at the destination port.
  • Direct access to the technical files for all of your products, with very important information such as technical diagrams, photographs, certificates, etc.
  • Maximum data protection thanks to the security offered by the multinational company Salesforce.
  • Exclusive utilities to maximize the loading capacity of shipping containers, thus optimizing every order.
  • Allows for unified orders of multiple products originating from different local factories, thanks to the updated information for all of your products being organized and classified by region and shipping port in China.
  • Access to exhaustive quality control reports in web format with high-definition photos and videos.
  • Direct contact with your Strategic Sourcing team in China through the PMP. You’ll have complete availability and trackability of all our communications.
  • Access to personalized suggestions for your business, with novel products and new developments specifically for your market.

Now you know about the exclusive App for IBMH clients that will allow your time out of the office to be equally or even more productive. If you want more details about our PMP and everything it can do for you, contact us! IBMH is your Strategic Office in China; discover what we can do to increase the profits on your imports.