Ying and Yang in Business: Origin, History and Meaning

Yin and yang as Taoist philosophy refers to the duality that exists in the universe between two opposing and at the same time complementary forces. Surely you have heard of this principle as a fundamental part of Chinese culture, but do you know how important it is in the business world? Find out by reading our post!

The meaning of yin and yang in Asian culture

According to the principles that govern Chinese and Asian philosophy, yin and yang represent opposing forces. Essential to the functioning of the universe that act in consonance creating a coherent and at the same time complementary whole.

Night and day, male and female, life and death, light and darkness. A duality that is also present in the principle of science and Chinese medicine and that continues to have great importance for citizens. Neither element is superior to the other. But it is necessary that they complement each other, that is why it is said that the increase of one brings with it the corresponding decrease of the other. When the perfect balance between the two is reached, the desired harmony is achieved.

The origin of the Chinese duality principle

This principle dates from the third century BC. It is believed that the main proponent of this concept was the cosmologist Zou Yan (Tsou Yen). Who claimed that life was divided into five phases: fire, water, metal, wood and earth. He also believed that there was a great imbalance in the universe when the balance between yin and yang was altered, hence catastrophes such as floods or plagues.

The representative symbol of yin and yang illustrates the duality we have been talking about. Each side of the figure has in the center an element of the other color drawn by small dots.

The yin reaches its maximum level with the winter solstice and can be represented by the tiger and the color orange. While the yang reaches its fullness with the summer solstice. It is represented by the dragon and the color blue.

The duality of yin and yang in companies

And how does yin and yang influence companies? As part of Chinese culture, for entrepreneurs this principle has a certain predominance in business. In this way you can see the duality in the model products with which a large market share is reached. Facing questioning or growing products. Both are necessary for the smooth running of the company.

Risk-return in terms of business decisions: betting in risk areas (for example, investing in new technologies). Or in other contexts with greater profitability and stability. But they don’t allow us to leave the comfort zone.

As for family businesses, yin and yang as a philosophy is also very present. On the one hand, the desire for descendants to continue with the business and, on the other, the idea of separating business and family.

A company stays with the yin and evolves with the yang

Businesses tend to stick with the yin and evolve or progress with the yang. They achieve excellence through yin and avoid falling into obsolescence with yang. And, as those who embrace this philosophy say, at the midpoint is virtue and success.

The ideology of the yin shows the reason for the company, what managers and employees defend. Also, that which remains stable and constant. And, as an opposite, the yang that brings the vision of the future: what we aspire to become. The goals that the organization sets itself and the changes necessary to achieve it even in times of crisis.

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