Rebranding: What it is and when it's time to apply it

Making changes in part or all a company’s image can be one of the most complicated decisions for a company. And yet there are many small or large brands that throughout their career have changed the colors that define it, the typography or even the entire image. What is rebranding and how do you know if the time for change has come? Know the keys to doing it successfully.

What is rebranding?

It is a marketing strategy in which the elements that define a brand are partially or totally modified. For example, the name, design, typography, logo, advertising messages or slogan or even in closing messages in emails.

A notable change for a company and even more so for the target audience that from now on will identify that brand in another way.

When a rebranding strategy is carried out

And what is it that leads an organization to bet on a change of image? Among the outstanding reasons are:

  • Expand the business to other markets. In this case, rebranding focuses on colors and style. They must be well seen in other cultures.
  • Attract a new target audience.
  • Adapt to be in line with modern times.
  • Improve positioning and recognition in the market.
  • Increase brand awareness and follow the trends imposed by society.
  • Make current customers feel even more identified with the brand.
  • Distinguish yourself from the competition, make a difference.

Steps to a successful rebranding

If a company has put on one side of the scale the pros and cons of betting on the rebranding strategy and has decided that it is time to start with the change, it should consider the following considerations. They are the key to success!

  1. Identify your target audience. Who do you want to address? What do you want to communicate? How are you going to do it?
  2. Create the new concept. Develop a creative project that captures the new ideas and new concepts to be transmitted from your brand.
  3. Once you have your new design you will have to communicate it. To your audience, suppliers, collaborators and employees. Remember that it’s not just about the image. It is the reflection of a change in the philosophy or identity of a company.
  4. Developing strategies for communication is another key point. Think that not all users are on the same platforms.
  5. Remember that for rebranding you do not have to leave anything outdated. If you have changed, for example, the logo, the new one should appear from now on in all the locations where the old one used to be. Check email signatures, posters, advertising campaigns, in the office… everything!

Makeovers will be easier for your audience to accept if you follow in the footsteps of a well-defined strategy.

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