How to increase the chances of successfully negotiating with Chinese suppliers

In international trade, China is the country that offers the most possibilities and, according to traders, one of the most difficult negotiating. Whether it is because of the language, its millenary culture, or the way of making deals there, there are many entrepreneurs who wonder: How can I increase the chances of successfully negotiating with Chinese suppliers? We’ll tell you!

Negotiating with Chinese suppliers: What do you need to know before closing the deal?

Unlike in the West, in the East it is common to first create a personal relationship, also called guanxi, before even going on to talk about business or other more formal matters. But there is still much more that you must know.

Chinese suppliers value greeting and signs of respect; they even understand it as a sign of prosperity. They consider the business cards that your potential partners offer you. In addition, they usually take a deep look at the history behind a company before starting any deal.

And, to negotiate with Chinese suppliers, the only important thing is not to close the agreement. Attention, details, and good fortune also prevail. Remember that the elements of good luck are also part of your professional life.

The keys to establishing good business relationships with Chinese companies

Let’s now look at the essential keys that will help us create fruitful and lasting relationships with Chinese suppliers:

  • To negotiate with Chinese suppliers, try to know something about the region from which the entrepreneurs you are going to deal with come. Although we can know part of the general culture of the country, each specific locality can have its connotations.
  • Showing concern for the personal lives of the people with whom the business is being conducted is also well regarded. Prioritize this over the business itself and don’t focus solely on closing the deal.
  • Have well prepared the arguments you are going to give. As well as the objectives and what you are going to show or specify.
  • Be on time for the appointment. Did you know that for their culture being late is very frowned upon?
  • Don’t try to speed up deadlines or be impatient or in a hurry. Asian traders are meticulous and value quality over anything else.
  • When negotiating with Chinese suppliers, having a detail with our hosts that is to their liking may help us tip the balance in our favor.


Why working with IBMH will improve your negotiations with Chinese suppliers

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