Is Artificial Intelligence the tool that HR Departments already need?

When a term is on everyone’s lips it is normal for confusions to arise. It is just what is happening with Artificial Intelligence (AI) that now also comes to the HR Department. Is it really a useful tool for HR? How exactly is it applied? We clear all your doubts!

What is artificial intelligence?

When we talk about Artificial Intelligence, we refer to the ability of a machine to process data, manage information, understand, and even reflect as humans would. Only with a much smaller margin of error. That is why it is increasingly used in more sectors and departments, including Human Resources.

Artificial Intelligence gives us the possibility of working with a large amount of data in a simple and very practical way. What is its true potential?

This is how Artificial Intelligence is being used in HR

If digitalization has become an indispensable ally for almost all companies, why wouldn’t AI also be? In fact, many HR departments use Artificial Intelligence for the following purposes:

Recruitment processes

Artificial Intelligence is a valuable tool for HR that improves recruitment processes. Since it streamlines and makes the selection processes more flexible. For example, according to the experience of the future employee or the initiative that he shows, providing relevant information of the candidate. Playing with the great advantage of knowing in advance what is the degree of affinity of a candidate, in addition to reducing uncertainty, is a remarkable saving. And all this without being carried away by the first impressions as it happens to humans.

Data analysis

Another purpose of Artificial Intelligence in HR is focused on the analysis and treatment of the information that a company has to handle on a daily basis. This powerful tool can group this information into different areas as it is going to be used later.

AI improves performance and productivity

Did you know that it can become a good resource to improve the performance and productivity of an organization? By handling and interpreting the data of workers, the Artificial Intelligence of HR will offer them content: courses, training, ideas, promotions, according to their interests, trajectory, and expectations. And yes, this fact is very interesting for talent retention.

Task automation

An HR department spends an average of 14 hours a week on creating tasks, reports and documents that could be automated. Here’s another highlight of AI. The automation of tasks such as, to name a few, the admission of CVs. Also, the schedules, the selection to cover internal positions or the sending of emails.

What do you think about it? Do you think that Artificial Intelligence in HR also has a place in the hardware sector?

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