We present our new featured product: the hidden hinge with 4D adjustment with soft closure and invisible Clip-On mounting plate that you can now add to your furniture hardware catalog with the professional management of IBMH. Discover all its details, characteristics, and advantages for the assembly of doors of different furniture. You can get a lot out of it!

The hidden hinge with 4D adjustment: The newest furniture component

It is called a 4D hinge because its slow closing mechanism can vary its speed. This hardware for wooden cabinets is based on a type of hinge with piston. It is used for the assembly of the doors of different furniture. We recommend it for its high quality, better utility, and practicality. That’s why it’s our featured product this month. For this reason and for being our most recent model of hidden hinge that is used for the assembly of doors of different furniture. Undoubtedly a great advantage that the end customer will know how to value.

From 2D and 3D retainer hinges to 4D-adjustable models

Hidden hinges can be categorized as 2D and 3D. Which is indicative of its abilities to adjust and correct those small errors that are usually made during assembly and thus guarantee a perfect alignment of the door in the furniture. As you know, 2D models are being left out of the market replaced by 3D models. They offer the advantage of adjusting the door upright (up – down). Horizontal (right – left). And in depth (front and back).

But at IBMH we are not satisfied with that and we go one step further. Now we bring for your business our new 4D model. These hinges with shock absorber integrate in your system the soft closure, as well as the ability to adjust its closing speed making it slow or fast to satisfy the different preferences of all customers.

Additionally, our 4D hidden hinge also uses a mounting plate that adds a more sophisticated style to the furniture. It is practically not visible as it usually happens in the models that we can find in the current market. Thus, achieving that it integrates with the aesthetics of the furniture.

The components and characteristics of these furniture hardware

As for the characteristics to highlight of the hinges with slow closure we point out mainly:

  • The mounting plate is the same width as the hinge arm. In such a way that, once the hinge is mounted, the plate is almost invisible.
  • These parts of furniture are made of the best quality steel. They have a coating that guarantees their durability in indoor environments, passing the saline chamber tests that mark international standards.
  • The soft-closing 4D-adjustable hidden hinge device is designed with a highly durable engineered plastic. Not only it provides greater accuracy, but it also allows it to work from the moment the door opens reach a small angle. Approximately 10 to 15 degrees.
  • In other models of this same hardware from China for furniture the opening angle must be greater to activate this function. In other words, it can be custom designed.


Our team will oversee giving you more information about this hardware and its functionalities. We will also take care of all your imports of furniture and construction hardware from China with which you will see how your business and profitability improves. Contact us today! We are waiting for you!