The advantages of cabinet drawer slides

On this occasion we would like to tell you about a family of cabinet drawer slides. This is a series of products that have evolved from cabinet drawer slides to develop 2D adjustment models, to the newest 3D adjustment models. Why are they so useful and practical? What would it mean for your company to incorporate them into your hardware catalog with IBMH?

Meet the innovative cabinet drawer slides

At the time of assembling a drawer inside a furniture and getting it to slide properly and without noise, there are mainly two options. Use a pair of telescopic slides with ball bearings, which are installed on the sides and are visible each time the drawer is removed. Or use a pair of cabinet drawer slides that are hidden at the bottom of the drawer. They are not visible when extracting it with which a better level aesthetic is obtained in the whole of the furniture something that, as you know, is well valued by the final customers.

The most innovative and outstanding models that you can already buy with IBMH are those that use an adjustment device or clip (previously they did not have an adjustment device) that is installed below the drawer on its front. This device allows you to hook with the hidden slides and adjust in two or three directions the drawer.

Available in 2D and 3D locking systems

As for the adjustment capabilities of the silent rails we differentiate:

  1. 2D adjustment slow closing systems. They allow to correct the vertical (up – down) and horizontal (right – left) position of the drawer.
  2. The wooden cabinet fittings for 3D adjustment. They are the most efficient since they additionally allow to move the drawer to the front and back. Which is also very advantageous in terms of comfort and use of space.


Technical characteristics of cabinet drawer slides

Of its technical characteristics we can mention:

  • The main components of the slide are made of steel of the best quality and with coating that guarantees its durability in indoor environments. They pass the saline chamber tests that mark international standards.
  • The under-mount slide is mainly made of high durability engineering plastics. It allows you to remove the drawer when necessary by simply pressing its right and left levers at the same time.


Advantages of under-mount slide

There are many advantages of this type of components for furniture, we highlight the main ones:

  1. The installation of the rails is simple and very practical. Since they can be designed to adapt to all types of furniture and drawers.
  2. The opening and closing slip of the drawer when installing the rails is much more reliable, stable, and also effective.
  3. The damping system prevents possible noise. As well as the deterioration or wear of the slide due to continued use. Which makes it a bottom mounting rail of the highest quality.
  4. Roller guides have a higher weight resistance than conventional slides.
  5. Another advantage of under-mount slide is that by importing them with IBMH you will have the best guarantees. And no setbacks thanks to our exhaustive quality control.


Our team will ensure that you can have in your catalog of hardware, products and accessories of the highest quality and performance. Like the cabinet drawer slides you just saw. In addition, we will strategically take care of all your imports of furniture and construction hardware from China. Contact us today! And find out everything we can do for your business.