What are the keys to successfully managing teams remotely?

One of the immediate effects of the current Coronavirus crisis has been the increase in telework. Many companies that probably had it in their medium- or long-term plans have been forced to advance their start-up. At this point, where telework has become a necessity and a reality, that is when we ask ourselves: Is it possible to manage teams remotely and make it a success? Yes, it is possible, and the key is in communication and motivation but also in following a series of guidelines that we tell you below.

How to manage work teams remotely

Telework has a lot of advantages for the company and employees. For example: schedules are flexed, and no time is wasted on transport. Reconciliation of family and work life is another great advantage. Having each team member in a different place can make it difficult for managers to get the guidelines right. Where is the key to success? What tips should we keep in mind?:


1 The equipment must always be connected

The further distance, the more communication. It’s the only way that remote work doesn’t get some members of the company away. That’s why managers should encourage the use of tools such as email, video conferencing, and virtual work meetings. Not forgetting that the face-to-face, even from time to time, are still very necessary.


2 Information should reach everyone

The second point to consider managing teams remotely successfully is information. You must reach all members of the company at the same time. Employees must have a sense of belonging. To do this, they must be informed of everything that happens regarding the business, and the whole team.


3 Shows confidence in the team and defines goals

The manager must rely on his team and the individual responsibility of each one. He must not make the mistake of being a ‘watchman’ that rules, deadlines and schedules are met. Trusting and delegating is as important as defining short and medium-term goals for managing teams remotely. But also, create goals and expectations for each employee. This allows you to see the performance of team members’ work.


4 Personal treatment is critical to managing teams remotely

Telework brings personal treatment to the background. To avoid this, the communication tools we talked about earlier should be encouraged. In addition, individualized meetings should be prioritized to see up what the worker thinks. Discuss professional issues but also try to know the personal situation of each team member.


5 Motivation, motivation, motivation

Managing teams, even more if done remotely, also means motivating all its members. Details as simple as words of encouragement, incentives, delegating tasks, offering them flexibility and interest in following healthy lifestyle habits are the best of motivations.


The figures of teleworkers in different countries vary significantly. However, the trend is very clear: they have all shown a dramatic increase year after year. It is a fact, in 2020 that will break the record when it comes to managing teams remotely.

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