What alternatives are there to cookies? FLoCs or Topics

We are so used to entering a webpage we skip the notice that if we allow cookies, all or only the necessary ones, that surely you will also be surprised to know that this element could have an end. If you want to know what FLoC are and what other alternatives Google offers us, keep reading!

What are the functions of cookies

Cookies are small pieces of text that, sent to the browser when an Internet user visits a webpage, allow these sites to remember information about the visit of users.

Thanks to this data collection, it is very easy for Internet users to visit the same websites again. In addition, it is of great help for websites to improve their web design and structure. In such a way that they are more interesting and useful.

Cookies also serve to remember user behaviour: what products you have added to the shopping cart, how long you have been on a certain page or what elements you have clicked on.

In addition to what has already been said, cookies improve the security of the web. And they optimize functionalities such as preferences, the language you have chosen or the login.

What are FLoCs and why they could end cookies

Despite the functions that cookies fulfill, those responsible for Google want to go a step further. And they do so in search of greater security and privacy. That is why by 2023 or 2024 cookies could give way to FLoCs.

As part of its Privacy Sandbox initiative, the FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts) presents a new system in which users are grouped around their same interests. This could hide user data for greater privacy. As well as to improve transparency and have greater control over the way in which data is used.

The controversy is served. Several companies and entities such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) indicate that FLoC is not a good idea. However, the great obstacle could be found in the European Commission. As they have commented, with this change Google hinders online advertising services.

Topics, the Google alternative

While they decide whether to launch FLoCs or stay alone in their beginnings, Google offers Internet users an alternative called Topics.

Topics is a solution and an alternative to cookies with which you could also improve privacy on the Internet. The browser analyses the browsing history and from there collects data to create specific categories. In this way the websites will offer content based on this selection.

In turn, it is guaranteed that the entire process is anonymous. That is, the personal identity of Internet users will not be revealed to websites or advertisers.

Do you also think that cookies will disappear in a while and that Google’s proposal will be the new reality?

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