Low-mounting rail, new IBMH featured hardware

The low-mount rail, IBMH’s new featured hardware, full extension, slow closure and ‘push to open’ is a type of rail that is easily and hidden installed in the lower part of the furniture drawers.

Thanks to this hardware that you can already incorporate into your catalog with our professional management, end customers will have all the features that can be found separately on some rails and on others. Discover all its features and advantages!

This is the new low-mount, full-extension rail: features of drawer rails and slides

Riel de montaje bajo

Of the characteristics of the sliding guides or sheave guides it is worth mentioning:

  • The full-extension. This means that you can have access to the entire contents of the drawer since the rail allows it to open the furniture in its maximum extension.
  • “Push to Open” system. It is not necessary to place a handle on the front of the drawer because it has the ‘Push to Open’ system. Thanks to it, only a small and gentle push is necessary in the front of the drawer so that it opens a little and that the user finishes opening it. In other words, this rail does not open the drawer on its own until it completely exits the furniture. But it is necessary that the user finishes extracting it in a simple, practical and comfortable way.
  • “Soft Close” system. And to close the drawer, the low-mounting rail features the ‘Soft Close’ system. This system is activated when the drawer has sufficiently entered the furniture; The rail will take the drawer to its point of total closure.


Some of the outstanding advantages of the low-mounting rail

Riel de montaje bajo

From the above characteristics it follows that in a single rail there are two types of rails. Which is a great advantage, but there are still many others to highlight.

  1. The low-mounting rail is the most complete as it offers excellent amenities. Its total extension mechanism allows you to access the entire contents of the drawer in which it is installed.
  2. Its push mechanism with little force is smooth, silent and also prevents shocks.
  3. It is designed for use in both kitchen and office furniture and the like.
  4. Includes the latest sliding roller technology and automatic synchronization. Which makes it an innovative high-quality hardware.


The technical aspects of the low-mounting rail

Regarding the technical aspects, we note:

  • Installation on the low-mounting rail cabinet is simple using screws.
  • The rail is invisible at the bottom of the drawer adapting to the aesthetics of the furniture where it is installed.
  • Quick-fix handles make it easy to install and remove the drawer.
  • It is a hardware for grinders or slides made of high strength steel that gives greater durability.
  • Its high quality zinc finish prevents early oxidation.
  • It has ‘Push-Open’ systems for opening and ‘Soft-Close’ for closing.


For more information and advice, our experts are at your disposal. At IBMH we are here to support your business and to take care of all your imports of furniture and construction hardware from China with total guarantee of success. Contact us today and we’ll give you all the details!