proverbios chinos

“A long journey starts with a first step” or “give me a fish and I eat for a day. Teach me to fish and I eat for a lifetime” are just some of the Chinese proverbs that, transmitted from generation to generation, have reached our days. What other quotes from popular wisdom should we know and know how to interpret if we want to make prosperous and lasting business in China?

The value and importance of proverbs for Asian culture

Chinese proverbs are as millennial as feng shui or the Chinese horoscope. Source of wisdom, morals and teachings, this type of sayings are used in different areas of life. Whether at school to show children the right way, as encouragement in bad times and even when doing business. For Chinese entrepreneurs, it is very important to build long and lasting relationships based on a climate of trust. For example, they give great importance to the personal network of contacts and the figure of the intermediary.

Chinese proverbs present in business and their meaning

So what are the Chinese proverbs that will help you most in business?

1 Dig the pit before you get thirsty

In the business world it is very useful to go one step ahead, that is, download all the options and have a plan B.

2 Water floats the boat, but it can also sink it

Related to the philosophy of yin and yang, this Chinese proverb tells us about the positive and negative aspects, the strengths and improvements that are always present in the strategies carried out in companies.

3 From the blackest clouds falls the cleanest water

In the business world, Chinese proverbs tell us that there can be negative circumstances that take us away from our goals. This saying reminds us that everything comes out. It’s just a matter of finding the best solutions.

4 Before being a dragon, you have to suffer like an ant

Whoever reaches the top does not do it by magic, but thanks to their work, their effort and perseverance.

5 Those who fear suffering already suffer fear

As in other aspects of life, it is not a matter of simply risking. But neither can we always be pessimistic because it will not allow us to take advantage of opportunities. No doubt the Chinese proverbs invite us to reflect.

6 Different locks must be opened with different keys

There is no point in complaining and doing nothing. It is of little use to try the same solutions with all problems.

7 Victory shows what a person can do; his response in defeat shows his worth

Success is the goal, the moment in which what has been sown is reaped, however, it is in bad times when one also has to show one’s worth and courage.

8 Pay as much attention to your inner self as you pay to your image

When it comes to doing business, Chinese proverbs like this remind us that image is important, but it’s not everything. A person’s interior is truly what defines him.


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