Weekly review: critical to your business organization

What can we do to prevent missing deadlines? How to make the quality of our work optimal? The key to an excellent business organization lies in planning and weekly review. These aspects make it possible to re-evaluate our real workload, to know exactly the situation of all our commitments. At IBMH we tell you what the weekly review is and how to implement it.

The importance of the weekly review for greater control

Many times, employees and managers often make the mistake of wanting to cover more tasks than they can control. It also often happens that we are determined to set ourselves unrealistic deadlines. What is the result? Goals are not met, and frustration appears. A frequent feeling of overflow and stress is added when we see that it is impossible for us to reach everything.

How can we avoid this? With something as simple as planning. But not a plan that spans only the jobs of the day or all the month. It’s a calendar that puts on the table what is for this week, what needs to be addressed first, and what time each task needs.

These weekly reviews are required for any company. They give us more short-term control over what we need to do. In turn, it allows us to analyze the errors of the previous week in order to avoid them in the next one.


How to organize weekly tasks efficiently? Let’s look at it in detail:

  • We start the week by analyzing all the outstanding issues that we have on the agenda from a global perspective. The idea is to know exactly what is urgent and what is not. Which ones are important or immediate and which ones can wait at the end of the week.
  • When it comes to taking on a new commitment at any time of the week, we will have to ask ourselves several questions. Is it really that urgent? Can I really take care of it now? So, we can go back to the weekly review and decide if that new commitment is included in this week’s agenda or in the next week.
  • On the other hand, assertiveness will help us to say NO when necessary and in the right way. Without feeling guilty about it.
  • Finally, we will reserve some time towards the end of the week to put order in the to-do list. In this way we will be able to have a realistic and manageable workload.


The benefits of the weekly review when it comes to organizing work

Let’s discuss below the main benefits of conducting a weekly review of the company’s tasks.

  • Thanks to the weekly review, we can quickly detect the work is not under control. A situation very easy to recognize, since it is characterized by details such as that many of the pending projects have been standing or barely moving for weeks.
  • Having a correct business organization, the feeling of loss of control as well as the anxiety and stress that result, disappear.
  • Another advantage to keep in mind is that it allows us to become aware of which deadlines we will be able to meet, and which are to be renegotiated well in advance.


In conclusion we can say that it is important to have a complete, global and up-to-date view of all tasks. Only in this way you can achieve the best possible business organization.

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