Add slides to your hardware catalog

Today we want to talk to you about ball bearing slides, a highlighted product of IBMH. These structures are designed for home and office furniture that have become an essential product in the world of interior design. Why? Because they allow drawers to slide in a smooth and quiet way. Read on and you will discover the features and benefits of ball bearing slides.

What are Ball Bearing Slides and why is it IBMH’s new flagship product?

 Correderas Telescópicas BBS

BBS Slides or ball bearing slides can be manufactured in a variety of sizes. And with different ways to operate to meet a wide range of requirements. From the most basic to the high range, to those that support a light weight, as well as those with higher capacity.

Slides, also called ball bearing slides, are manufactured with a construction of three or two sliding elements, depending on the application. These elements have linear bearings and metal baskets. In addition to ball bearings slides made of steel. The result is a smooth glide without generating noise.

General Features of BSS Ball Bearing Slides

In turn, the ball bearing slides have these other features:

Correderas Telescópicas BBS

  • The two or three sliding elements of ball bearing slides are manufactured with steel plates. By transforming them with the use of machinery, they form each element and avoid the generation of deformations, cracks or edges which would reduce the service and performance of the product.
  • They have standard lengths around 250mm. They can reach up to 1,200mm in some cases depending on the type of production.
  • Variations in the height of the slide are offered according to already defined standards. The most common are: H35, H42 or H45.
  • For productions that must support light weights, H17, H27 and H30 ball bearings slides can be used. On the other hand, the H17 slide is recommended to install a slide-up keyboard holder that can be removed and hidden in the office furniture, for example.
  • The finishes that are applied on each of the elements are Zinc (or Galvanized), chromium and Satin nickel, among others.


The functionality of ball bearing slides

Ball bearing slides (BBS feature side-mounted rails as well as ball bearing guides. This feature makes its functionality optimal. It should be noted that you can choose the normal type slide that simply slides smoothly. And it also allows the furniture drawer to simply open and close.  

Types of slides and their performance

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Let’s take a look at the types of ball bearing slides and their performance in detail


This is a special mechanism that allows you to open the drawer normally using an element such as a handle. When you close it, you don’t need to push until the drawer reaches the bottom. Instead, it is pushed until in the last quarter of the route this mechanism enters into action. It is then allowed to act so that the drawer closes smoothly and controlled.


It consists of a special mechanism that allows you not to install a handle to open the furniture drawer. Instead of pulling the drawer, you push first, and the slide mechanism allows it to open smoothly. Then the user can finish opening it.


The quality control IBMH offers for slides

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At IBMH we always care about rigorous quality control. This ensures the receipt of the product free of failures. Below are the steps in each of the quality controls.

  • Our quality control starts from stabilizing clear customer-supplier specifications. They detail the type of raw material and its finishes. The thicknesses of each of the sliding elements are checked. It also reviews the type of holes to be performed, their distribution and their distances.
  • Once production of a purchase order is initiated, it is confirmed with the suppliers that all the raw material has been received with the specified characteristics and in good condition.
  • Midway through production, IBMH performs a check to verify that no errors are being made during manufacturing.
  • At the end of the manufacturing process of ball bearing slides, our team of inspectors performs a ‘Final Inspection’. They recheck compliance with the visual appearance of each product, its dimensions, its weight and packaging and performs a functional test.


If you want to incorporate this product into your furniture hardware catalog, do not hesitate and contact us. We will give you all the details about our shopping management service in China with which you will improve the profitability of your imports.