Planning, the key to improving time management

Did you know that the ideal time for planning your daily agenda is often the end of the previous day? This is because at the end of the day, you have a moment of calm that is perfect for defining the next day’s priorities and order of tasks. Other times, a good option is to do it first thing in the morning, before starting your workday. You only need to dedicate 10 or 15 minutes to it. Choose the quietest time of day so that you can get everything organized without distractions. Want to know one of the keys to improving time management and good planning? Read on…

Divide key tasks for good planning

Yes, it’s the famous “divide and conquer” strategy. It will work here too, breaking down each complex task in a way that is structured and conceptual. In doing this, the goal is to reduce the task into smaller milestones that are easier to complete.

Dividing tasks doesn’t just help with improving time management in your company. Breaking down the weightiest jobs into more manageable tasks also helps you to more accurately determine how long it will take to carry out a given project.

Breaking down tasks can be done by dividing an objective into several large tasks. These, in turn, are broken down into even more granular tasks. In the end, you will have a series of actionable, manageable, objective, and above all, quantifiable activities. To do this, you need to…

  • Plan projects. At the project level, dividing complex tasks into simpler ones can help you to plan more activities more accurately, as well as the development time and duration of the project itself.
  • Plan objectives. Professional objectives as a general rule are abstract and not quantifiable. By dividing them into simple tasks, you will know precisely what steps you need to take to meet those objectives. It’s a fundamental step towards improving time management in your hardware company.

Advantages of dividing work into smaller tasks

At first glance, it might seem like breaking down a project just adds more work to what you’ve already got. But the truth is, when you have major tasks or projects lasting several days or even weeks, it is absolutely necessary. Plus, this technique also offers many benefits to your hardware company.

First step in improving time management

When you are faced with a large, heavy or confusing task—anything that’s big enough to be intimidating—it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. It’s also normal to want to just leave it for another day. However, when you divide that task into smaller parts, you’ll feel less overwhelmed.

Greater control in the face of setbacks and unforeseen circumstances

Any plan will be met with unforeseen circumstances and setbacks that force you to make adjustments. Having the main task segmented gives you more freedom and a greater reaction capacity when reworking your plan if something comes up.

Fosters progress and motivation

Dividing a job into tasks also has an important psychological component. It’s must easier to undertake several small tasks one at a time than it is to tackle one task that takes several hours. The act of completing each mini task separately gives you a greater feeling of progress compared to confronting the work as a whole. You can see what you’ve finished, and those advances are what motivate you to finish whatever is left. Everyone works better with simple, manageable goals.

In conclusion, we can say that the correct way to work to improve time management is to organize projects and weekly objectives by dividing them up into smaller tasks or objectives. And, in turn, dividing any complex tasks into simpler ones, assigning a level of priority to each one.

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