China’s growth since its reforms has been manifested in many ways, but one of the most important are its cities and urban development. We will explain you how the new people-based urbanization models will boost the Chinese economy to help import China Cabinet Hardware over the next 10 years and how this can impact our Chinese imports.

A research team has conducted a survey of cities in mainland China, establishing a unique brand in urban research. At the same time, separate observations were made on Beijing and Shanghai for a special analysis of these two megacities.

The report shows the development of the “new urbanization” proposed by the Chinese government in the thirteenth five-year plan (2016-2020), which focuses on people and promotes coordinated development among large, medium and small Chinese cities for business and China Cabinet Hardware.

One of China’s most important actions is its recent participation in the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Paris, as well as leading the creation of the Asian Investment Bank to host the G20 summit. In this way, China has demonstrated its commitment to serve on the world stage and thus shows its inherent role in serving the world China Cabinet Hardware. That is why the future of investment and imports in China is very positive.

On the other hand, the China Development Forum, led by the State Council Development Research Center, and sponsored by the CDRF, is an important channel for the Chinese government to engage with world leaders about important matters of the Chinese economy. For example, transportation and logistics of products to export will be better: The Ministry of Transport of China will invest about 800 billion yuan in 2017, building 8,600 kilometers of railway to expand the country’s rail network