The double wall drawer system that from IBMHCORP we recommend as a Kitchen Cabinet Hardware from Chinese Factories and manage in China for all our international customers has a quality far superior to the conventional Slow Closing Drawer Systems that are usually manufactured in China.

There are great differences at a technical, aesthetic and functional level, but we will list some of these differences so that you can easily understand this Kitchen Cabinet Hardware :

– The slide hardware have a much higher weight than any other conventional slides manufactured in China, as they have more metal in their manufacture, so the drawer assembly has a greater load capacity comparing with other drawers made in China.

– The system that drives the slow closing of the drawer has a much longer size, this means that it can support much better the dynamic load and its consequent wear is much smaller, achieving a useful life of the hardware much greater.

– The Full Extension Sliding Guides have a synchronized opening system, which avoids the usual noises produced by conventional Guides when opening and closing the drawer.

– The design of the Kitchen Cabinet Hardware of the different bodies that make up the Total Extension Telescopic Sliding Guide is not square shaped, as it happens with 95% of the Rails of this type that are made in China, the Rails that from IBMHCORP we recommend to all our international customers have a hexagonal shape, which gives the whole set of hardware a great life and great performance.

– In China there are a large number of manufacturers of Slow Closing Metal Side Rails, but there are very few factories which actually manufacture the different components that make up the complete drawer kit, so it is very difficult for the same factory to manufacture the gas piston, the tensioning spring, the plastic parts, the bearings, etc., for this reason the great instability of the quality of many Chinese factories, since today they buy the components here and you do not know where they are going to do it tomorrow. The factories that from IBMHCORP we recommend are those that exclusively design and manufacture all the different components they need to make the complete drawer kit, controlling in an excellent way the quality of each one of the components and ensuring from the Kitchen Cabinet Hardware, above all, that the quality is always very high, but above all very stable over time.

– The front fastening system, as well as its screw, are made of metal (Zamak) versus plastic fasteners and/or adjusting screws of the vast majority of slides and drawers manufactured in China, which undoubtedly makes the regulation system much more resistant and durable during its continuous use over time.

There are many more advantages that at the technical level have the Kitchen Cabinet Hardwarethat from IBMHCORP we recommend to all our international customers, here we only wanted to name some of them as reference, but for a slow closing drawer to be considered a high level hardware, it should have a high technical content and also a high degree of innovation, such as the cusp system from the sides to the slides, since usually the lateral guide is hooked in the back and it is dropped on its front, but from IBMHCORP we have already controlled the new models, which are clip fast coupling.