If you have ever heard that hardware manufactures in China are of poor quality, it is just a myth. Although some bad experiences supported by the press could raise this concept, everyday more successful companies join Chinese suppliers. The quality of their products is reflected in the hardware factories in China, which have achieved a high level of competitiveness in their products.

At IBMH we have a strict Inspection and Quality Management service that will guarantee the best quality of the final product. Growing competitiveness in the manufacture of Chinese products

The reason that some suppliers continue to receive lower quality products has to do with the following:

  • The reduction in the quality of the final product has to do with the reduction of the price.
  • Not having agreed specifications or product requirements with the manufacturer.

In this sense, IBMH’s efforts are focused on achieving the best import process for its customers, thanks to a strict quality control and the best negotiation channels with the supplier, guaranteeing the best result in your purchase.

Exceed your purchase expectations with IBMH Quality Inspection and Management

If you are involved in importing furniture hardware in China, at IBMH you will have the best team of professionals and specialists, who will represent you as “buying agents” in the Chinese market, reducing your purchase costs in exchange for the most important: highest quality in the final product.

At IBMH we have an advanced computer system that allows our customers to feel like in the hardware factory in China, thanks to a digitized report with all the details of the inspection.


IBMH’s quality inspection and management services are governed by ISO2859, also known as AQL (Acceptable Quality Level), which defines acceptable quality control criteria. Its classification is based on three levels of defects:

  • Critical: when the product is unsafe and harmful.
  • Major: when the product has malfunctions or aesthetics defects.
  • Minor: when fails do not greatly affect the aesthetics and functionality of the product.

If you wish to buy furniture hardware in China or to buy furniture hardware at wholesale, at IBMH we give you the best quality guarantee and cost savings in your purchases, thanks to our comprehensive inspection process and our Sourcing Service, which allows us to carry out the best negotiation process with the hardware manufacturers in China.